Editorial: Bonny Doon deserves a fire district
by Press-Banner
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This week, Bonny Doon met another obstacle in its effort to localize control of its fire coverage. A judge ruled that the Santa Cruz Local Agency Formation Commission’s 2008 denial of an application by Bonny Doon Fire and Rescue Inc. to create its own district was done properly.

We are again disappointed that Bonny Doon will be unable to create its district. We hold that local control of fire coverage — involving a local chief and local control over tax dollars — provides the best emergency coverage for a community.

For us, the proof is in the pudding: Felton, Ben Lomond and Boulder Creek all have successful fire districts, all relying on volunteers.

It might be logical for Cal Fire to have a geographic triangle at the north end of the county (with stations in Felton, Bonny Doon and Davenport), and County Service Area 48 clearly needs the Bonny Doon tax revenue to maintain its level of service. However, in light of Bonny Doon’s request to form a district, a change in how Cal Fire resources are dispersed within the service area might be worth a hard look.

Losing Bonny Doon’s tax dollars would be a hit in the short term, but shrinking the service area and not having to devote resources to mountainous Bonny Doon might end up as a long-term savings, if it were handled correctly.

A second item to look at is the ability of Bonny Doon to handle its own fire coverage.

Bonny Doon residents are extremely resourceful and especially good planners. By the diligence and attention to detail Bonny Doon Fire and Rescue Inc. has shown during the application process, it is clear a district would be operated correctly. Voters should have the ability to elect a board of directors to manage their tax dollars, even if taxes were to increase to serve the community.

Cal Fire provides good coverage to Bonny Doon. The firefighters are professional, and response times are good. However, a district with a troupe of volunteers would tend to every need in the community in a more personal way.

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Steve Homan
October 09, 2010
The Felton housing business is not the subject of this editorial. Since it was brought up, I will make a short comment. If that project was not going to be a sewage disposal disaster for the SL River and Zayante Creek, I would not have gotten involved. I care about the water quality of these streams. That site would not handle the sewage disposal needs of 55 homes. It was and is a marshy meadow with springs and small wetlands. The project did not fit the site's limitations, and THAT it is not my fault. That project needed public water and public sewer, like in Scotts Valley or Santa Cruz.
Check your facts
October 08, 2010
First off Valley Press, there isnt a CAL FIRE station in Felton anymore. It moved to Bonny Doon. Felton is only a Automotive Shop and ECC. Second Greta, Steve Homan blew it for people who cant afford homes in the valley and want to live there. He should have kept to his own and kept out of other communities stuff. There was more people than you think that wanted the housing in Felton to happen.
Grateful Greta
October 07, 2010
Steve - you are the best. Truly. You helped Felton defeat that ridiculous housing development on the Felton meadow. And you've waged a valiant battle in Bonny Doon.

We appreciate your community involvement.
Steve Homan
October 07, 2010

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful editorial. I agree with your conclusions.


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