White-elephant fire station
by Carl Owens
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We taxpayers have sent a clear message and voted down the Scotts Valley fire station (Press-Banner, June 5). Now our children and their children (who can’t vote yet) have the privilege to fund this white elephant courtesy of Joe Camel’s stimulus money.

If you’re going to build it, put in a coffee bar along with that weight room. Seeing that big white engine sitting in front of Starbucks is getting old.

Carl Owens, Scotts Valley
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Build it!
June 19, 2009
I love it! I can't get it my way so I'm going to sue. Sue! Sue! Sue! What a cowardly approach. You must have a lot time on your hands. Lets stick to the issue at hand. Does SV need to move their fire station to a different location? If look at a map you can clearly see that the current location between the two station appears to only be about a mile apart. While thats great for people living in the center of the city it doesn't help the population that lives towards the south. There clearly must be a lag time for the Pasatiempo, Rolling woods, and Graham Hill Rd areas. I don't understand how opponents of this station cannot see the benefits if this move can help better protect "ALL" of their citizens. I agree, voters did not want to pay directly this station. However, the "majority" still want this project to go forward. The current station is old, needs a ton of retrofitting, and its is not in the ideal location. Is this project necessary? I believe so. If the money is there I say do it. And if it doesn't go through I promise not to sue. By the way if you want to see a white elephant check out our new local library location or go on an African safari.
Voters will vote no
June 18, 2009
It was voted down many times and when they attempt to build, a lawsuit will be coming.
June 16, 2009
Did you ever stop to think that the FF's were not at Starbucks, but shopping for food in the SV Market. Of course you oppose a new station on the south end, you have one next door to your house. Get a clue, the fed funds are there, if SV doesn't get them, someone will. And its been proven that the NEED exists to move the existing fire station for better overall response times. But then again, YOU'RE the expert, RIGHT!

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