Letter: Remember to be mindful of others while enjoying large events
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My family and I, along with community from Santa Cruz to Boulder Creek, sat in awe of the wonderful – if not best – display of fireworks put on by Scotts Valley.

Understandably, large crowds produce much traffic, however, is this not to be expected with any event? Something for the public to consider prior to committing attendance.

As in any public or private event, I feel it is my personal responsibility to be mindful of others by maintaining respectable behavior for myself and my children.

Allowing children to run loose, leaving behind trash in parking lots and/or Skypark is unacceptable. Perhaps others will follow suit.

I feel certain Scotts Valley takes into consideration the mass crowds at any event as large as our Fourth of July event.

This event, though being held at Skypark, brought large crowds parking in surrounding shopping centers, utilizing sidewalks with chairs, for the sole purpose of viewing this spectacular event. I myself was one of those people.

Scotts Valley, being a four-lane community via Mount Hermon Road and Scotts Valley Drive, perhaps could use the option of forming volunteers to assist with traffic. That would lessen the frustration of all concerned.

That being said, how great is it that we could for a few short hours celebrate our freedoms as a community?

Leatrice D. Bachan


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Daddy Dearest
September 19, 2014
Allowing children to run around during a celebration event is unacceptable? Get over yourself please, old lady. Kids are kids and kids will play. Sounds like little Leatrice (is that a name in this century?) wasn't allowed much fun.

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