Letter: Vote Yes on our Children’s Safety and Education
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To the editor:

I urge a "YES" vote on Measure A. Our daughter graduated from SV Middle School in 2001 and SVHS in 2005. As a parent, I'm most grateful to the entire Scotts Valley community for not only a great place to live but to raise our child and educate her as well. That's why we chose to live here, for our great SV schools. I know that our children are our future and that our investment in their educations and safety is paramount to the each of us and certainly to our state and society as a whole.

For too many years now we have all driven by SVMS and viewed what has become a disgrace to each of us and certainly to our entire SV community. We love living here and take pride in our community; it's time to take pride in our middle school. We all want the best in social services, schools, roads, medical care, etc., and, yes, it takes our tax dollars; there is no other way to build a new school. I can't think of anything more important than best educating our children in a safe structure. Our current middle school is 73 years old; the electrical and plumbing is being held together by duct tape and cannot provide the technology our students need to thrive and compete in their world. Safety is my top concern in voting "YES" on Measure A; a school that we as a community can all take pride in comes next.

We are fiercely proud of the first-rate academics and accolades of our SV schools and enjoy the accompanying real estate values they bring; it's time to take pride in our middle school structure as well. Please, as a community, let's build a middle school we can all be proud of. Let's vote to send our children and their children to school each day in a new, modern and safe structure.

Pam Lawson

Former President, SVEF and SVMS Parent Club

Scotts Valley 

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Consuella brave
June 02, 2014
NO ON MEASURE A~because I am proud of being fiscally responsible and building the school in a sane and respectable manner--not on "Possible bonds" and other pipe dreams. No property owner deserves to pay from $300.00-$1000.00 a month for 25 years for one school. There are better ways to do this.


AND PLEASE, respect the needs of our many senior citizens in the area who are living on a fixed income--they cannot pay this out of their incomes--with NO exemptions available. This is a quick-fix to make up for all the years of mishandling the funds--this is not acceptable on any level.

Consuella brave
June 02, 2014
While your desire to repair the school is noble, it takes more then rhetoric to get to the heart of this matter. First, it is a 25 year tax commitment that is being asked of the citizens of Scotts Valley, with NO EXEMPTION for SENIORS--NOT MENTIONED IN ANY OF THE FLYERS. Many are being fooled by the slick mailers an signs. Truly, this is a huge burden on taxpayers--many who are single moms, seniors and young couples. Where did all the money go the last 75 years? Why does the burden fall on us now? This is a huge cost to families. While the rebuilding of the school for reasons, other than safety, is of concern, there are better ways to raise the money. As an educator, I know that successful schools come from strong families, support and communication with the school--not high-tech equipment that is needing updating and tech support, etc. Where will this stop? Think of yourself as a senior citizen in 25 years, caring this burden on your back. Will you look back and say, "What was I thinking?" Let's get together and find a better way to support Scotts Valley Middle School.

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