Letter: Supporting Measure F is essential to protecting local parks
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Our county parks are so important to us all here in the SLV; from Felton Covered Bridge, and up the Valley through Quail Hollow, Highlands Park, and downtown Ben Lomond. Each park is used and enjoyed, but each has suffered significantly with years of huge cutbacks in maintenance, trash removal and recycling, removing invasive species and more. By supporting Measure F we can all have a huge impact for very little money.

By the time this Parcel Tax of $8.50 per year, per improved parcel, is implemented, a previous tax of about $6.50 will end. (That tax had funded the debt for the purchase of Quail Hollow Park) So the impact on property taxes will only go up a couple dollars but the amount to the parks department for directly improving parks will jump!

The Valley Women's Club and many other organizations have endorsed Measure F as an effective way to guarantee maintenance and improvements of our county parks, facilities, beach access, and open space, not to mention clean bathrooms, repairing roofs and electrical systems — and keeping facilities open and safe. Our children, teens, families, adults and seniors all use the parks and will benefit.

Please vote Yes on F and, if at all possible, support the effort to pass the measure.

Lynn McKibbin, Valley Women’s Club President

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Kate Minott
May 14, 2014
Here is the link to the web site for YES on Measure F for Safe, Clean County Parks: http://www.safecleancountyparks.org/
Kate Minott
May 12, 2014
Thank you, Valley Women's Club for your endorsement of YES on Measure F to support our SC County Parks! For more information about YES on Measure F, here is the link to the website:
April 28, 2014
Lynn McKibbin's letter would be more persuasive if she actually lived where this tax will be assessed, i.e. not Boulder Creek or Brookdale.
Sonya Martin
April 28, 2014
Remember that recent scandal about a hidden pot of money and the parks districts?


Perhaps they don't need more money, but might look at better qualified leadership to manage the money they have.

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