Letter: Scotts Valley freeloading on plastic bag ban
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In a February 14 story in the Press-Banner "Students call for SV plastic bag ban," (Page 2) Scotts Valley Mayor Jim Reed was quoted as saying that the council was unwilling to risk the costs of being drawn into legal action simply to be at the forefront of an issue.

Scotts Valley is not at the forefront, it’s not at the middle of the front, and it’s not even at the back of the front.

When it comes to protecting the environment from the harm caused by the proliferation of single-use plastic bags, Scotts Valley is the caboose; a freeloader that reaps all the benefit of the regional bring your own bag movement, but is itself unwilling to bear any of the burden.

Every other city in Santa Cruz County and the County itself took that risk for the betterment of the communities they serve and the citizens they represent. They were at the forefront; they took all the risk; they fought the fight in court — all so that Scotts Valley wouldn’t have to.

If Mayor Reed and the SV City Council are philosophically opposed to protecting the environment, then they should be honest enough to say so. The students who spoke from Mount Madonna School deserve that much. It is, after all, their future and if they want to change the world in which they live, we should let them – not patronize them.

Leadership requires vision and sometimes that means raising your head to see the changes in society and the world around you.

The Bring Your Own Bag movement has evolved; it is the new mainstream and can be found on “Main Street” up and down California. 

Look around Scotts Valley, look at your neighbors; it’s time to contribute to the community.

Matthew Spiegl, Salinas


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March 21, 2014
Bag bands are big business just ask save our shores the mag big money from grocery stores being strong armed to give the money you pay for plastic bags
March 17, 2014
Matthew, you are not kidding! Scotts Valley is not only freeloading by the looks of Carbonero Creek they are hoarding plastic. Copy and paste this link to your browser but hold your mouth. It will make you gag.


March 20, 2014
90 % of the pictures at that link touted as something to support bag bans are NOT the plastic bags the ban people are after. There is no logic to these bag bans, only emotion. If these grocery bags are such the scourge of the universe, how is it just fine and dandy to have all sorts of other plastic in our daily lives? What will they come for next?
Theryl McCoy
March 23, 2014
What is with you bag supporters? So you have to pay the cost of a paper bag. Who cares? It's a quarter! Why do you insist on free handouts? And what kind of argument is 'Well, that is styrofoam not a plastic bag, so we shouldn't ban plastic bags.' or 'There are many kinds of plastic, so why do we need to ban one kind'... as if plastic bags have some sort of equality rights.

In answer to 'what will they come for next'. I'll tell you what... more plastic bags you dummy. Any styrofoam. And lead paint. And asbestos. And car exhaust. And MTBE. And DDT. And plastic bottles. And mercury. And hopefully your environmentally apathetic attitude.

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