Letter: SLV needs better representation on air control board
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The Press Banner contained the last half of a news story (“Cash available to cut wood stove emissions,” October 25, page 14) apparently describing yet another chapter of the anti wood-burning in SLV campaign launched by the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District. The last half of the article contained what has come to be the usual disinformation associated with such statements.

First, the suggestion is made that electric space heaters can occasionally be substituted for wood heat for only a few dollars. My attempts in times past in this direction (occasional use only) doubled my electric bill.

Second, in response to the fact that bad air days have decreased from 40 to 19 in the last two years, the statement is made by the MBUAPCD official that it is because of weather not behavior. Really? Nothing to support that statement is offered. There was actually more of this sort of silliness in what was only the last half of the article.

I do believe we had better wake up and get on this or the good people of Monterey are going to end up running our lives for us. In my opinion, our region is under drastically under represented on this board.

Jeffrey B. McKim, Felton

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Theryl McCoy
November 27, 2013
It's true. SLV has some of the worst air quality in the country, and it is almost completely due to wood burning stoves. Wood smoke is carcinogenic by the way.

The weather they are talking about are temperature inversions when cold air sinks to the SLV floor. When the air sinks the smoke follows and we breathe it. This is not good. The MBUAPCD is generous to give us money to replace our wood stoves. Propane is expensive, but pellet stoves are an economical option. I can't stand the smoke and I know exactly which neighbors are contributing.
Derek Hoff
November 01, 2013
These boards have been run by the same incompetent cronies for years. Throw the bums out!
Nancy Spanierman
January 01, 2014
The only bums are those people that still have a non-EPA wood stove. Fine if you live on hundred acres. NOT FINE IN SLV!

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