Letter: Neighbor’s fireplace makes a smoky nightmare
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Fall is in the air and normally I look forward to this lovely time of year. Not anymore. You see, I live in a mobile home park and last year my neighbor installed a wood burning stove. Due to the fact that he is slightly downhill from me, the smoke from his chimney is about level with my front door and windows. When he burns, the smoke comes through my windows and fills my home. I have tried closing all my windows, but if I have to turn on my heater, the smoke is actually circulated through my house! It's horrible! I have suggested to my neighbor that since he is downhill from me if he were to add a couple lengths of pipe to his chimney it would probably reduce or even solve the problem. Unfortunately, this man is still unhappy with me for complaining when he started repairing Harley Davidson motorcycles in his carport directly next to my porch and living room. So he is not about to do me any favors. He said his chimney is to code and that's that. Generally, I just don't feel mobile home parks lend themselves to wood burning stoves because of the proximity of the residences. Management has said since my neighbor's chimney is indeed to code there is nothing they can do. So I will spend this fall and winter breathing my neighbor's chimney smoke. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Virginia Miller, Scotts Valley

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annoyed by people
September 22, 2013
Is this supposed to be some kind of "green" energy thing? Cant he have a higher pipe that takes the smoke up higher or routes away from neighbors? City regulations should not allow this. People should not have to tolerate this. You should be able to live your life in peace. Just like loud music is not allowed neither should this. People should not be allowed to bother other people. Now if we could just do something about all that annoying dog barking waking us up.
Theryl McCoy
September 28, 2013
If your neighbor's chimney is blowing smoke then the fire insert they installed is illegal. Newer stove technology incorporates secondary burning and should not smoke out the chimney. You can report this to the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District, or better yet leave a note with the rules about fire inserts. Breathing smoke is extremely unhealthy. Encourage them to upgrade to a pellet stove.
September 20, 2013
Perhaps placing a large fan at your door or window blowing out towards the direction of the smoke.
September 19, 2013
Maybe put up a fence, barrier higher than your house door. Maybe it will blow over your house, instead in it.

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