Letter: Adults need to set an example for teens
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Last Friday night was the annual SLV High School football program’s pizza card fundraiser.

The football teams, both JV and Varsity, met in the school gym and Coach Poetzinger gave a thorough overview on the instructions including how to explain about the fundraiser, what exactly the card offers as far as value, and told the students to be extra polite in every instance.

The boys, wearing their football jerseys, then fanned out through the San Lorenzo Valley to sell the cards. I dropped off a group who began selling in what was their own neighborhood. I happened to witness the first attempted sale by one of the JV players.

As he approached a house where a woman was on the front porch, she began to hiss, “Go away, go away, go away!”

The student immediately turned around and left. Now, this is a learning experience for the students and for sure, not everyone will want to purchase a card nor should they be expected to buy one.

Still, I have to think that soon there will be another letter here in paper about teenagers and their lackadaisical behavior or bad behavior, etc.

Here’s a tip: If you want the younger generation to learn how to act appropriately, then by all means, show us by example.

Here’s to staying classy and a big thanks to all of the people who supported the fundraiser and to those who politely declined. 


Jessica Corona, Ben Lomond
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Ben Lomond Mommy
September 12, 2013
Good points Jessica. However, my experience is that I'll get numerous repeat visit from kids compelled to sell these cards. While I have not encountered any flagrantly rude kids, some are not so polite.

It would be helpful if it could be set up so that different packs of kids go to different neighborhoods. I'm sure you try, but it doesn't always work.

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