Letter: Signs will improve navigability, safety in Scotts Valley
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 I am writing to clarify information concerning Scotts Valley’s plan to upgrade local signs (Scotts Valley City Council OKs illuminated street signs, July 12, page 16). First of all, the funds for this project come from development funds that are restrictive and can’t be used toward the general fund. Scotts Valley businesses and local citizens tell me that better signage in Scotts Valley would be very helpful.

As a member of the Scotts Valley Chamber Ambassadors, I've participated in the annual City business walk. Each year, the number one concern is better signage. I've been particularly interested in better signs to direct people to key locations such as our library, parks, and special events like the farmer's market. A key part of the new sign program is to provide monument signs at the entrances to Scotts Valley and to provide professional signs at several key locations that will direct people to some of the locations mentioned. People complain about signs littering our City. Hopefully the reader signs planned will help eliminate most of those temporary unsightly signs. They can also direct people to hotels, restaurants and out of the way shopping areas. As part of the program, the City also looked at replacing old street signs with larger illuminated signs. The intent is simply to update our old street signs with signs that are more easily read for the public. We were concerned about helping the public find our police department, fire department, water department as well as more easily finding streets in Scotts Valley. This has been a common complaint from local citizens (particularly our seniors). Development funds cannot be used for general fund expenses or street maintenance. The funds are restricted in how they can be used. Bringing people to local businesses and events will assist our economy while using no general funds for the project.

Please know that we on City Council are always interested in receiving feedback and try to publicize the various decisions that come before us in hopes of hearing from the community. 


Donna Lind, Scotts Valley City Council

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August 15, 2013
"First of all, the funds for this project come from development funds that are restrictive and can’t be used toward the general fund.

Read more: Press-Banner - Letter Signs will improve navigability safety in Scotts Valley"

Can they be used for anything that our city needs more than this. Would have been nice to be told what else the funds could have been used for and what the leaders decided that street sign lights were more important than.

Unless there were NO other options, I have to assume there were lots of better options.
Save for better use
August 16, 2013
I hate this type of bureaucratic mentality that if the funds are in the account then they need to be spent regardless of the need for the project. $175,000 is a lot of money to spend to “upgrade” our street signs.

I would rather the funds be saved as a hedge against future road repair requirements.

Better yet, if $175,000 street signs are the best use of the money that Donna Lind and the rest of the City Council can come up with, then lets reduce the fees/taxes that go into building the development fund.

Wasted money
August 07, 2013
Spending $175,000 of tax payer money on this project is a wasteful and irresponsible move by Dona Lind and the rest of the City Council
August 18, 2013
I dont think this is tax payer money. Read the story, it's development money. When developers build projects here they "pay" the city some money to let them do it.
August 03, 2013
Ya and they'll probably be those bright annoying modern LED things, but of course they'll be "green". and energy efficient. I dont need those.

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