Letter: Co-ops about equity, saving money
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I must admit I really appreciate the Press-Banner’s article regarding the cost of propane (“Valley propane co-ops pick up steam,” Jan. 25, Page 2); however, I must take exception to the cover page statement “gas providers say the special deals might be too good to last.”

I know people who are part of a formal co-op in Nevada County that has a contract with FerrellGas. This rather large co-op has for the last several years been able to provide very low prices to those fixed-income residents — prices better than Bonny Doon currently receives. This frustrates me!

I am disappointed in the comments made by Jim Dassel, as it was his company that I first discussed this concept with — they actually asked me to contact them when we were ready. I realized that if one wanted to stay local, Mountain Propane was the way to go; they seemed to be the most fair. But this is truly about saving money, and although our group in Boulder Creek is still early in this process, we are open to any company that is willing to provide us with competitive pricing and great service. If that means FerrellGas is the answer, so be it.

If people are concerned that Ferrellgas is only providing special prices to lure in customers, then we will take the next step to protect our members and collectively bargain with a formal contract to ensure decent pricing in the SLV. Being at the whim of varying discounts granted if you call the providers should not be, but is, the way propane is done up here.

Living in the mountains should not mean higher energy costs. This is about equity and fair pricing for SLV residents.

Gregg Schlaman, Boulder Creek

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