Letter: Noise pollution is real
by Bob McMurtry
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We’ve all experienced noise that irritates us — a given, since humans tend to congregate close together. Police, fire and ambulance sirens are noisy because they have to be; emergencies happen. But why must we endure the audible assault of motorcycles, which are made to sound so arrogantly loud? I’m sure many people have stood on the sidewalks as a biker cranked up his machine, getting a rush from the controlled explosions within, a surge of adrenaline adding to the high. We cover our ears and wince not because we enjoy it. Perhaps it is his or her symphony, and that might be fine. Imposing one’s taste on others is not the freedom we have come to expect in this country.

It was suggested that noise does no harm. I beg to differ. I suffer from hearing loss due to vocational exposure, my employer also refusing to believe it caused harm until it was too late for me, and many others. I refuse to go to local indoor concerts, because I don’t see any sense in paying money to listen with earplugs. True, many enjoy feeling the music as it vibrates their body. That, too, has a long-term effect, according to studies on hearing loss in America. Many Americans are losing their hearing because of the high levels of music and other exposures.

In fairness, I have friends who own and love motorcycles and are very considerate in their use and noise levels, the noise within reason. I think the letter of May 4 (“Rethink ticketing priorities,” Miles Zarathustra) was directed to the abusers, not all bikers, though certain bikes still make plenty of noise without trying. Don’t blast your cylinders in my ears and I won’t turn up the volume on “The Rite of Spring” by Stravinsky, not everyone’s cup of tea.

Bob McMurtry, Felton

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hate dogs luv harley
May 19, 2012
"But why must we endure the audible assault of motorcycles"

Why do we have to put up with the audible assault of dog barking? Machines make noise and it's not that loud. I believe the legal sound limit is 96db. Most motorcycles I see have the stock muffler and are well within that limit. I know the ones you're talking about, the ones with straight pipes with no baffles at all. Yes those are loud and obnoxious but I rarely see those. I see Harleys all the time but rarely those loud ones. The noise pollution I suffer with is annoying dog barking. Not everyone owns a motorcycle but it seems everyone has a dog and many have more than one. I'm woken up by dog barking almost every morning and often in the middle of the night. Motorcycles are not the problem, dog barking is. I say leave the motorcycles and get rid of all those annoying dogs. Motorcycles also don't leave piles of crap for you to step in.
hate dog owners
May 28, 2012
Not hating the dogs...just the inconsiderate owners who cannot keep their noise to themselves...and it's not just the dogs, what about the wind chimes...why would anyone want to listen to clanging metal all day long...with the recent winds all you hear is clanging metal, dogs barking, and of course then come the leaf blowers...

How about some peace and quiet?

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