Letter: A political decision
by Jeff Hill
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You recently ran a column by an attorney who could not see any reason why Santa Cruz County would split Scotts Valley into two districts (“No substantive reason for county redistricting,” Page 6, Oct. 21). He checked all the laws and regulations related to redistricting and could find no justification for the split. Duh! He was looking in the wrong place.

This is about politics, not laws. As I see it, there exactly two reasons for this split:

1. To better position Mark Stone for his race for the state Assembly seat being vacated by Bill Monning.

2. To ensure that Stone's favored successor is elected to the county board.

Jeff Hill, Scotts Valley

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Jeff Hil
November 10, 2011
Actually Jeff, Dan Harwig from Orange County, working out of San Jose is once again trying to gerrymander Scotts Valley. Guess no one told him that the State of California already chose it's format and that included a great number in SLV, Santa Cruz - not just Scotts Valley. Why would he want to deprive all the people, I bet Sacramento would have something to say about trying to circumvent it's rules. While you at it, Santa Cruz, draw the lines anyway you like. And Felton, you can too. Raises lots of questions like who is paying for this and did the author of last weeks letter work on it? Signatures are being collected outside Kmart and Safeway. Let's hope that this doesn't lead to a big waste of tax payers money just to keep a few in office.

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