Letter: Too much of a ‘start’
by Mark Maloney
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Last Saturday there was a 5-kilometer race that finished on the grounds of Baymonte Christian School. This was a great idea and the race was a success. However, the race organizer (presumably the school) painted a large “START” sign on Navarra Drive and arrows on Granite Creek Road. I think flags or signs would have been sufficient. But it was painted and covered the width of the street. Has anyone thought to scrub off the paint? I hope there are many more races.

Mark Maloney, Scotts Valley

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Steve Patterson
October 14, 2011
On behalf of Baymonte Christian School I apologize for the problem. Our race director used chalk based marking paint and it is more permanant than we expected. I became aware of the issue after reading this letter in the Banner (Friday afternoon). Apparently someone did call our office on Monday morning but the message didn't reach me or our maintenance department. I contacted Public Works Director Ken Anderson to discuss appropriate remediation. We tried to brush the marking off this afternoon with no success. We have contacted a local paving company to arrange for sealing of the marked area at the school's expense. Thanks for your support of our event as neighbors. We will not mark the street in the future.
D Bloat
October 13, 2011
Maybe you can find the existential in the message.

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