Letter: Public Wi-Fi nothing to celebrate
by Gerald Conrad
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Response to article, Permanent Wireless Coming Soon to [Scotts Valley] Library (Sept. 2, page 7): This boasting about wireless at a time when other countries such as Germany are banning wireless activity in schools. In fact France took the ultimate responsibility by not only banning the use of cell phones in schools but removing wi-fi from schools and the entire national library system (the most highly respected library system in the world) as well as the Sorbonne University. Ireland has also removed wi-fi from its schools. The International Association of Firefighters has opposed cellular antennas on fire stations. The list really does go on and on.

But lastly, The Progressive Librarian's Guild in America (2008) recommend 'that via their professional organizations, information workers address the risks of wireless technology in public spaces, take steps in learning about the risks of wireless in terms of exposure and impact on library services, monitor wireless technology in their facilities, critically evaluate and adopt alternatives to wireless technology especially in children's sections of libraries, create warning signage on risks of wi-fi throughout their libraries, and act as a community resource in the public education on wireless technologies.

In light of such widespread response to eradicate wi-fi, the title should be "Warning: Permanent Exposure to Wi-Fi at Scotts Valley Library".

Gerald Conrad, Scotts Valley

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Now you tell us
September 19, 2011
Where were all these know-it-alls when the radio was first invented? Probably could have saved millions of lives. We've been bombarded with emf waves for nearly 100 years. And where were they when all the communications satelites were launched? I think we should ban all radio stations and bring down all our satellites. No more radio waves at all! Stop poisoning us with all these radio waves!

Hugh Jass
September 16, 2011
This is important people! did you know wi-fi has caused stirillity in homosexual rats? That wi-fi coupled with a smart meter can cause certain kinds of frogs and toads to ignore their grooming habits! I heard if you are using a microwave while making a cell phone call in a house with a smart meter your penis can shrink by 1/8 of an inch!

we must end this madness now before gay rats can't breed,before we have thousands of unkempt amphibians and before I have to buy Enzite!

September 13, 2011
What's wrong with "wi-fi" or any wireless devices? You have many radio stations transmitting wireless emf radio waves with mega-watts of power? Is this an emf paranoia thing? What's wrong with wireless? Should we ban radio stations and remove our radios from our cars? Do you no listen to NPR on your radio?

September 11, 2011
Gerald, Thanks for your letter. Yes, the 21st century is perilous and some of us care about our children and ourselves and the virtually unchecked proliferation of wireless technologies all around us that the W.H.O. has finally stepped up to the plate and said is a "Possible Human Carcinogen." The science seems to confirm that we are in the midst of a very dangerous emerging health emergency situation and our children, who are most vulnerable, will be the big losers and may be a generation facing yet more cancers, sterilization, blood brain barrier problems and early alzheimer's. "We have met the enemy and he is us."
September 09, 2011
I guess there are people who just cannot move into the 21st century...

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