SLV Water District seeks input on 5-year plan
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The San Lorenzo Valley Water District will host two public meetings Tuesday, July 26, to hear what people in the community think about where the district should be headed in the next five years.

The district has hired an independent consultant, Brent Ives, principal of BHI Management Consulting, to run the meetings. Ives will gather input from district staff, board members and residents and prepare a report for the district’s board.

“A strategic plan is a roadmap that serves to focus our energies and invest our resources into the future,” District Manager Jim Mueller said in a prepared statement. “The purpose of these meetings is to actively solicit ideas from our community to create a realistic roadmap for the district over the next five years.”

Mueller said the meeting is open to those in the district who want to give their opinions and thoughts about the district’s future. Any topic connected with that subject is on the table.

The board will see a draft of the report in about two months and is scheduled to consider approving the plan in November.

For information:

At a glance

SLV Water District Strategic Plan meetings

**In Felton: 2 to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 26, at Felton Community Hall, 6191 Highway 9

**In Ben Lomond: 7:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at Highlands Park Senior Center, 8500 Highway 9
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Jane Q. Public
July 28, 2011
Is this about the San Lorenzo Valley Water District?
Paula Wagner
July 28, 2011
We moved to Boulder Creek to get AWAY from 20,000 sf buildings.

As to the comment about letting Boulder Creek rot and lack in services....well now, that's just patently silly. Boulder Creek has banks, service stations, a lumber yard, restaurants, gift stores, antique shops, natural food store, grocery store, fire department, coffee shops, dentists, doctors, vets, auto parts, post office, schools, churches, laundromats, pharmacies, pet stores, martial arts, dress shops, jewelers, nonprofits, print shop, computer repair....

Geez. Sounds like a pretty service-laden town.

Love Boulder Creek!
Grandma Martha
July 28, 2011
Sometimes less is more. Like, less development might mean more nature and wildlife and lovely views.

If you want concrete and government programs and office buildings perhaps you can check out Santa Cruz, San Jose or even Fresno? Sounds like that might be your kind of place.
Let it rot
July 28, 2011
Yep, I agree. We should not change one thing about Boulder Creek, just let it be as it has always been. Cause the community doesn't deserve any kind of services, being so small and out of the way. People should expect that when they move here and those who have always lived here shouldn't want for more.
lonna behr
July 27, 2011
yeah, actually, they're both bad - the 20k rec center AND the overblown water district facilities

Good grief people, this is boulder creek. When did we go from conservation and environmental preservation and slow growth to "let's build everything everywhere we can"?!

First felton with the housing and big library, then boulder creek. What's up with the environmental groups all of a sudden being pro-development? are their kids the building contractors or what?

wasn't this supposed to be the dawning of the age of aquarius?
You digress
July 26, 2011
not talking about your imaginary 20k building (don't see a Notice of Propsed Development posted anywhere on that side of the street), talking about a real corporation yard and corporate headquarters across the street from a house declaring the pristine neighborhood should preserved from --egads--a community center.

Just think it's ironic, that's all.
MS in BC
July 26, 2011
Except that you're minimizing the impact of the 20,000 square foot Hammer-proposed facility. Mommies, playgrounds and community gardens?

Come on. Lame. Fail.
Looks funny
July 26, 2011
I wonder what the lady with the big save the neighborhood signs in front of her house thinks a utility corporation yard and corporate office directly across the street will do to preserve Boulder Creek neighborhoods? Maybe they'll put up a big sign so you can't see the hoarders house with the big confederate flag flying in the front yard?

Certainly the foot traffic from everyone in the San Lorenzo Water District Boundaries coming to pay their bills and the lights in the yard protecting the vehicles from vandalism and theft will change the character of the neighborhood much more negatively than jazzercizing stay at home moms, playgrounds and the community gardens proposed by the rec district on a site less than a half a block down the street...

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