Found hiker shares thoughts
by Debra Collins
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Until recently, I hadn’t paid attention to the media surrounding my adventure, but I decided to review them, because I’ve heard things that weren’t factual. To clarify a few:

1. Number of days out: six, not 10.

2. I live in a nice neighborhood close to town, not isolated in the mountains.

3. I did not go in and out of consciousness.

4. I have been turned around exploring the trails, but I haven’t spent previous overnight time in the forest.

5. I did not sprain my ankle. I was beat up from the fall, and my feet were frozen to the point of not functioning properly.

I understand things were said in speculation while I was gone that the press picked up as fact, which is unfortunate. On another note, I would like to say thank you to everyone that participated in helping me. Lesson learned: Leave a note!

Debra Collins, Felton

Editor’s Note: Debra Collins was found in Fall Creek State Park in Felton on Dec. 4 after spending six days lost in the park.

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Carl Bendix
February 15, 2011
Do us all a favor, please do not go hiking by yourself anymore!

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