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Nearly half the registered voters in Santa Cruz County took part in electing a new governor, voting on nine state propositions and putting a handful of local officials into office. However, these results come with a disclaimer. In Santa Cruz County alone, there are 15,000 to 20,000 mail-in ballots that have not been tallied. Also, about 5,000 provisional ballots have not yet been verified, County Clerk Gail Pellerin said.

These ballots could change the results of races, especially local races with fewer ballots cast.

The County election department has until Nov. 30 to close the books on the election and Pellerin said it may take until then for final results to be released.

Below are races of state and local interest. For complete election results, visit


Governor (Party, state percentage won, Santa Cruz County percentage won)

Jerry Brown, Dem. - 53.8%, 69.33% in Santa Cruz County (SCC)

Meg Whitman, Rep. – 41.2%, 25.79% SCC

Lieutenant Governor

Gavin Newsom, Dem. - 50.2%, 64.56% SCC

Abel Maldanado, Rep.- 39.4%, 27.64% SCC

Secretary of State

Debra Bowen, Dem. 53.2%, 67.40% SCC

Damon Dunn, Rep. 38.4%, 22.93% SCC

U.S. Senate

Barbara Boxer, Dem. 52.2% SCC

Carly Fiorina, Rep. 42.4% SCC

U.S. Congress, 14th District

Anna Eshoo, Dem. 68.3% SCC

Dave Chapman, Rep. 28.7 SCC

State Assembly, 27th District

Bill Monning, Dem. 72.25% SCC

Linda “Ellie” Black, Rep. 27.45% SCC

Local Races Santa Cruz Count Board of Education, Area 1

Aaron Hinde, 5,122 votes, 48.70%

George Martinez, 5,101 votes, 49.50%

Write-in, 82 votes, 0.80%

Cabrillo College Governing Board, Area 1

Donna Ziel, 69.12%

Robert Tosto, 29.65%

Scotts Valley School Board (Two seats)

Art Bubb, 38.41%

John Abel, 36.58%

Steve Smith, 24.50%

Ben Lomond Fire Board (Two seats)

Morgan Scarborough, 28.30%

Dave Bingham, 20.26%

Tom Maxson, 19.87%

Susan Weber, 18.25%

Zach Schwarzbach, 13.20%

Scotts Valley Fire Board (Two seats)

Rudy Cabigas, 48.55%

Joshua Warren, 34.99%

Dorothy Chittenden, 16.18%

Lompico County Water District Board (Two seats)

Sherwin Gott, 30.62%

Shannar Abraham, 27.79%

Rob Hansel, 24.96%

Sean Wharton, 15.31%

Boulder Creek Recreation Board

Tess Fitzgerald, 68.07%

John Wirth, 31.36%

Ballot Measures, statewide results

Proposition 19 – Marijuana legalization, 53.9% No, 46.2% Yes

Proposition 20 – Changes to redistricting, 61.2% Yes, 38.8% No

Proposition 21 – State park funding, 58% No, 42% Yes

Proposition 22 – State borrowing, 60.9% Yes, 39.1% No

Proposition 23 – Suspend air pollution control law, 61.3% No, 38.7% Yes

Proposition 24 – Business tax liability, 58.4% No, 41.6% Yes

Proposition 25 – Simple majority to pass budget, 54.9% Yes, 45.1% No

Proposition 26 – 2/3 vote for some state and local fees, 52.7% Yes, 47.3% No

Proposition 27 – Eliminate redistricting commission, 59.4% No, 40.6% Yes

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Lose or Loose
November 08, 2010
Um, Looserville, can you read?

Can you write?
November 07, 2010
What, it took you a week to figure out you lost the entire state? I laugh at you bunch of goobers. Muldo-nada got what he deserved. The Road to Sacramento does definitely NOT go through Scotts Valley. You should all be embarrassed.
Dearest Mary
November 07, 2010
The rest of the country (world) is starting to get it. Yet, Kalifornia still thinks money grows on trees. I've planned, but the rest of you are going to sink in your own cesspool!
Teri Davis
November 04, 2010
Does anyone remember why Jerry Brown was Called Gov Moonbeam?

a reporter dubbed him that due to an impossible suggestion that it might be possible to beam tv from satellites. We all know where that went.
November 03, 2010
Gee what a thing to wake up to - moon beam as gubner AGAIN! Doesnt anyone remember the damage he left us last time? DUH!!!

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