Valley residents worried by political signs
by Peter Burke
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A member of the LaRouche movement argues with a local at their campaign stand in front of the Felton post office. Lucjan Szewczyk/Press-Banner
A member of the LaRouche movement argues with a local at their campaign stand in front of the Felton post office. Lucjan Szewczyk/Press-Banner
Members of the LaRouche movement at their campaign stand in front of the Felton post office. Lucjan Szewczyk/Press-Banner
Members of the LaRouche movement at their campaign stand in front of the Felton post office. Lucjan Szewczyk/Press-Banner
A political action committee bent on booting President Obama from office set up shop in the San Lorenzo Valley this week, displaying booths and posters deemed offensive by some valley residents.

Members of the LaRouche Political Action Committee set up tables in front of Ben Lomond Market and the Felton Post Office on Monday, May 9. The booths showed posters of Obama’s face with a small mustache, akin to the style Adolf Hitler wore as Germany’s Nazi leader.

“We’re in a very big drive right now,” said Angela Zullo, a LaRouche PAC organizer based in Virginia. “We’re campaigning across the country right now.”

The Press-Banner received several phone calls from passers-by who complained about by the content of the poster.

The PAC’s literature included a message from former presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche urging Congress to pass House Resolution 1489, the Glass-Steagall bill, which would repeal some provisions of the Gramm-Bliley Act and revive the separation between commercial banking and the securities business.

The Gramm-Bliley Act of 1999 allowed commercial banks, securities firms, investment banks and insurance companies to consolidate.

The group used pictures of Obama with a Hitler-style mustache on the posters, Zullo said, to illustrate the way it perceives the president’s relationship with Britain.

“We are exposing the controllers of Obama,” she said, explaining that LaRouche holds that Obama’s support of British policy that controls energy and pushes for solar and wind power is wrong and is an attempt to depopulate the world. “The banks of the British Empire are pushing a policy of genocide.”

The literature the group handed out called for Obama’s ouster. Included was this statement from LaRouche:

“…The system is collapsing. If this President continues to be President, the situation in the United States is hopeless; and by implication, that of the trans-Atlantic system. If the trans-Atlantic system goes, then Asia, goes. Humanity goes into a ditch. So therefore, this must be faced! This is the issue! Glass-Steagall, first. President, out, second, or part of the package.”

LaRouche campaigned for presidential office between 1976 and 2004 and became known as a political extremist during his time in the spotlight.
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Obama drones
May 08, 2013
President Barack Obama appears with a bull’s-eye on his head in a new English-language magazine published online apparently by Islamist militants, who also urge Muslims around the world to try to hack and manipulate American drones.

“Wanted Dead Only. Barack Obama Mass Murderer. Reward: in the Hereafter,” reads the full page poster that depicts a darkened image Obama as a target.

Elsewhere in the 80-page tome, the magazine calls upon the “Ummah,” the community of Muslims all over the world, to hack and manipulate U.S. drones, identifying drone attacks as “one of the utmost important issues that the Ummah must unite to come up with an answer to.”

“This is a call to anyone in the Islamic Ummah with knowledge, expertise and theories regarding anti-drone technology. [...] These drones can be hacked and manipulated as evidenced by the efforts of the Iraq Mujahideen” says the article, possibly in reference to the reported interception of video feeds from U.S. predator drones by Iraqi militants in 2009.

While the magazine doesn’t explicitly say what the jihadi hackers should to with the drone, there is a significant difference between accessing unencrypted videos captured by a drone and actually commandeering a drone, according to Richard Clarke, former counter-terrorism advisor to the White House and current ABC News consultant.

“Taking over the controls of a drone is beyond the capabilities of members of such militant organizations,” said Clarke. “For that to happen they need to hack into the private encrypted network of the Pentagon or physically overpower the links between the drone and GPS with airplanes, which these organization do not have.”

In February, The Associated Press found an al Qaeda guide with 22 tips on avoiding drones, which was left behind by militants driven out of the Malian city of Timbuktu. The tip sheet referenced similar software reportedly used by the Iraqi militants in 2009 to intercept the drone’s surveillance images.

The new color magazine is entitled “Azan – A Call to Jihad” and was discovered online on May 5, though the issue itself is dated March 2013.

Azan, call to prayer in Arabic, holds a striking resemblance to Inspire, the English-language magazine published by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), though no militant organization has claimed responsibility for the publication yet.

Nevertheless, the magazine’s header reads “Taliban in Kuhrasan” an indication that it might be published by islamists in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Kuharasan is an ancient term for the region spanning Afghanistan, Northwest Pakistan, parts of Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

An American intelligence official told ABC News that the intelligence community was aware of the publication and that analysts are currently “evaluating Azan as they would any jihadist publication advocating international terrorism.”
Samson and Golith
May 12, 2013
LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Va. -- In the secretive U.S. war of armed drones, the kill chain runs through a highly classified, windowless brick building here.

In the darkened spaces inside, hundreds of young Air Force intelligence analysts work 12-hour shifts, carrying out a controversial strategy of long-distance remote attacks which are reported to have killed thousands of militants -- but are also believed to have killed or injured thousands of innocents.

President Obama's increasing reliance on armed drones to kill terrorist suspects has sparked an international outcry and a fierce domestic debate about the government's assertion of its right to kill in secret.

Virtually unnoticed are those who are riveted to computer monitors here for hours at a time, the fast-paced pressure they endure, the demand for perfection and the constant risk of error in this new form of warfare: digitally-enabled high-altitude strikes managed from thousands of miles away.

Theirs are the unseen faces of Obama's drone war, a generation of Americans who are every bit engaged in combat even if they are not ducking incoming rounds and their fatigues are not soaked in the sweat and dust and blood of Afghanistan.

The human stress, senior commanders here acknowledge, is "extremely high."

When a U.S. special operations forces team is poised to raid a suspected insurgent compound, when a Marine squad in Afghanistan is alerted to an ambush, when a gathering of men identified as terrorists disappears in the bloom of an explosion in Pakistan, these analysts likely played a key role.

And with the White House driving an exploding demand for more flights by reconnaissance and attack drones, an increasing burden is falling heavily on the enlisted Air Force men and women here -- "airmen," in official terminology -- often just a few years out of high school.

The stress is already so high that concerned commanders have assigned a psychologist and a chaplain with top security clearances to work full time inside the facility.

The drone war is in full swing. U.S. armed drone strikes are reported to have killed more than 2,500 Taliban, al Qaeda and other extremist leaders in Pakistan alone. But in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, drones strikes have killed an estimated 900 civilians and injured more than 1,200 civilians since 2002.

In Afghanistan, the military struck at targets 494 times last year with armed drones, according to data that has since been removed from the Air Forces Central Command website. Information on the number of Afghan civilians killed in these strikes is anecdotal, but powerful.

These attacks are often portrayed as a highly technical, robotic form of warfare. But behind every strike are hours, days and even weeks of surveillance and analysis by the airmen who work inside this Air Force Distributed Common Ground Station. It is the largest of five globally networked facilities that receive and analyze the data flowing back from drones and manned spy planes like the venerable U-2, and then package the intelligence for operations.

Senior Air Force officers acknowledge that in this vast, darkened room where hundreds of analysts struggle to keep up with the deluge of data, the potential for error -- the possibility of taking innocent life -- is ever-present, just as it is in ground combat operations.

"Burn-out is obviously a big concern for us," said Air Force Col. Mike Shortsleeve, a veteran intelligence officer who commands the 497th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group that mans and operates the center here.

Air Force researchers and others who have studied the airmen here know that the stress and tension that build during weeks and months of staring at monitors can lead to loss of concentration. What is not clear is whether fatigue plays a role in the tragic errors that occur in wartime, as happened in the NATO air strike in Aghanistan earlier this month that reportedly killed 11 children.

"Ultimately you do find incidents like that, and they are tragic and something that, obviously, we take very, very seriously, and we go back and find out why it occurred," said Shortsleeve, whose name is a translation of the French, courtemanche.

"That particular incident we didn't work, and I don't know what it entailed. It could be people never left the (targeted) facility and we didn't know they were in there. It could be a miscommunication, the guy on the ground thinking he had the right place," he said.

"Unfortunately these incidents happen, but I would say the effort that is put in to try to prevent them is enormous," he continued. "Any time we are working stuff on the ground, constantly in the back of our minds is, what is the possible collateral damage, what happens if the mission goes down, a missile hits it ... we are constantly working to prevent this, but inevitably you are not going to prevent everything."
Jodi Arias
May 08, 2013
Jodi Arias says she would rather receive the death penalty than a long prison sentence after she was convicted of first-degree murder Wednesday, calling death "the ultimate freedom."

In an exclusive interview with, Arias says she was shocked by the verdict.

"I think I just went blank," Arias said. "I just feel overwhelmed. I think I just need to take it a day at a time. It was unexpected for me. There was no premeditation on my part."

Arias spent 18 days on the stand sharing intimate, emotional and oftentimes X-rated details of her life before a rapt television and online audience. She had hoped it all might convince a jury that she killed her one-time boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in self-defense.

However, the eight men and four women on the panel didn't buy it, convicting Arias of first-degree murder after only about 15 hours of deliberations. Jurors will return to court Thursday to begin the next phase of the trial that could set the stage for Arias receiving a death sentence.

Arias says she would "prefer to die sooner than later," rather than spending the rest of her days behind bars.

"Longevity runs in my family, and I don't want to spend the rest of my natural life in one place," Arias told "I believe death is the ultimate freedom and I'd rather have my freedom as soon as I can get it."

The stations reports that after the interview was made public, Arias was moved into a jail psych ward under 24-hour suicide watch. She will not be allowed to give any other interviews at this time.

Read more:

May 12, 2013
As she headed toward a Mother's Day second-line parade in the 7th Ward on Sunday afternoon, Linda Lazard of New Orleans didn't feel like celebrating. The following day would mark the 17th anniversary of one of the worst days of her life - the day she discovered her father dead at 57 years old of natural causes.

Her phone rang around 2 p.m.; Lazard's 37-year-old daughter in law was on the other end. "We've been shot," she told Lazard, explaining that her 21-year-old son had been shot in the hip and she had been shot in the elbow.

"This a Mother's Day I just want to forget," Lazard said later Sunday outside a local hospital.

On a day 19 people were shot in the brazen parade gunfire, dozens of victims' family members received similar, dreaded phone calls. Other family members were at the parade with their loved ones when the bullets started flying
Michelle Knight
May 08, 2013
Michelle Knight, one of three women Ariel Castro is accused of holding captive for almost a decade in his Cleveland house, has told investigators Castro forced her to deliver a baby born to one of the other women, and he warned her if the baby were to die, he would kill her.

New details on the women's harrowing ordeal were confirmed in a police report obtained Wednesday by CBS News, which corroborated information received earlier from a law enforcement source.
knight riders
May 12, 2013
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In his eight years in office, Mr Bush launched about 50 strikes by unmanned aircraft aimed at alleged terrorists. Mr Obama ordered nearly 300 in his first term. The president personally monitors the list of potential suspects at weekly gatherings that have been nicknamed “Terror Tuesday” meetings by analysts.

His re-election in the bag, Mr Obama is finding the political conspiracy of silence that protected the drone programme from more decisive public scrutiny is starting to erode.

From the Republican right, in March, libertarian senator Rand Paul used an old-fashioned filibuster to draw attention to the drone killings. Senate Democrats are also beginning to ask more questions. At a hearing last month, senators heard from an American-educated Yemeni, Farea al-Muslimi, whose village had recently been hit by a drone strike that left residents in “fear and terror”. The alleged terrorist target could easily have been arrested, he said – while for him it was no longer safe to return to his village because he is seen as being associated with the US. “Drone strikes are the face of America to many Yemenis,” Mr al-Muslimi told the senators.

Medea Benjamin is an anti-war activist who helped found Codepink, a women’s group that campaigns against US wars and occupations. It is a measure of just how far the Obama administration’s use of targeted killings has expanded from its original premise of going after al-Qaeda ringleaders that Benjamin’s book succeeds in landing a fair few of its intended blows.

Drone Warfare lacks the excoriating reporting that distinguishes two books on targeted killings recently published in the US. Jeremy Scahill’s Dirty Wars is particularly strong on the use of drones in Yemen; and Mark Mazzetti’s The Way of the Knife chronicles the way the Central Intelligence Agency has become so heavily involved in military operations in the past decade.
Paul Laurence Dunbar
April 23, 2013
Good day friends, time will tell when all becomes ashes, dust, paradox, and what this great adventure we call mankind actually means. Here before you stands a man, like any man, brilliant, yet passive, yet again more then passive, a bit to shy to tell his tail to stop wagging. How can a man be shy of his tail, he must not be a man, for real men hold their tail with durability. You must be wondering were this unconnected jargon is going, because it ain't going no where, and if you read this whole comment, you ain't going no where fast either.
May 07, 2013
Strange comment, you must not follow the patterns of normal thought.
GOP Actions now
June 14, 2011
attributed to Obama? Dumber, and Dumbest of all bottom wipes. Phil Gramm (R) wife Wendy, appted to position by W, wrote, and pushed thru the Glass Steigl act for Ws skull and bones frat buddies. Now, the outsider O is falsely claimed to be the supporter of British policies! Have you not read the russ baker bokk "Family of Secrets" that documents the Bush family connections that pushed W together with Blair as playmates decades ago. You idiots need a septic pumper to deal with your delusions.

These cons are just trying to spread dis-information to get their corrupt buddies back in to invade 3 more countries in accordance with their PNAC. Look it up! It is all public info.
May 07, 2013
Paul Laurence Dunbar's comment makes more sense, for some odd reason, then yours, GOP Actions now.
Adrien Yule
June 14, 2011
Glass-Steagall Video and Campaign page:

Is the Past Fixed?, video by Sky Shields:
Adrien Yule
June 01, 2011
You must watch the new video at, (Is the Past Fixed?) an Einsteinian view of Bach's musical transformation of past & future "time" by Sky Shields. Great for all ages.

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