SV to take hard look at open-space bill
by Michelle Camerlingo / Press-Banner
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The Scotts Valley City Council has established an ad hoc subcommittee to analyze a bill that would make it possible to form an open-space district in Santa Cruz County.

Senate Bill 211, authored by state Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, and co-authored by Assembly members Bill Monning, D-Carmel, and Anna Caballero, D-Salinas, would allow Santa Cruz County residents to vote to establish an open-space district.

The council unanimously voted to oppose the bill in August, arguing that it creates an unneeded layer of government.

“It takes local control away from land-use and gives it to a county agency,” Councilman Dene Bustichi said of the bill.

An open-space district would provide money and resources for certain areas of the county to be designated as open space — protected from development and reserved for uses like agriculture or recreation.

The subcommittee was formed to look at the reasons the council objected to the bill and ways that could change. So far, the committee is made up of Bustichi, Councilwoman Donna Lind and two members of the Scotts Valley Water District board of directors, Joe Miller and Ken Kanegaard.

“Basically, we’re going to meet to come up with suggestions for changes to the bill so we can support it,” Bustichi said.

Lind said she hopes the subcommittee can explain the city’s apprehensions about the bill to the legislation’s authors.

“Hopefully, we’ll find a way to make it more workable for Scotts Valley,” Lind said. “I’m not sure that’s possible, but we want to keep an open dialogue.”

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December 10, 2009
Yeah, the city needs to hire a subcommittee to find out why THEY voted against it-that makes alot of sense! My guess is that NEITHER the city NOR the water district is willing to give up their POWER OF EMINENT DOMAIN!

Yeah, let the people decide , NOT the council. They've been known to make the rules as-they-go and with their OWN interests in mind.

Publish more info!!!!!!!!

December 07, 2009
It creates a public agency to protect land from development, and the City Council is merely putting up a road block for the people to decide. If your lame committee could not understand this previously, then how are you going to ever understand it. Yeh, you can't sprawl out with your box stores, cuz the majority don't want that. And why try to get more money from more development, when you obviously cannot manage the income which you already have?
Save SV
December 07, 2009
“It takes local control away from land-use and gives it to a county agency,” Councilman Dene Bustichi said of the bill.

Aw, they don't want to let you bulldoze everything over eh Dean? Bummer huh?

mountain woman
December 05, 2009
Creating an open space district will give up alot of rights for private land owners. Open space has become a bunch of lugs doing alot of land grabing.
Ira A
December 04, 2009
This statement by Bustichi is baffling:

“It takes local control away from land-use and gives it to a county agency,” Councilman Dene Bustichi said of the bill.

From the looks of the housing element the council just passed, they SHOULD have their land use control taken away.

Listen to the residents - no more high density, government/taxpayer subsidized housing projects.


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