Preliminary results of the Nov. 6 election: McPherson leads Hammer by 26 votes
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At 12:37 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 7, the Santa Cruz County Elections Department posted its final unofficial election night vote totals concerning local campaigns.

The vote totals shown below are not finalized, and the election results and vote totals will not be officially certified until Tuesday, Dec. 4.

With all precincts reporting, the preliminary results of the Nov. 6 general election:

(Italics indicate current leader)

State Senator, 17th District

Bill Monning (D) – 59,189 votes, or 76.48 percent

Larry Beaman (R) – 18,206 votes, or 23.52 percent


State Assembly, 29th District

Mark Stone (D) – 50,195 votes, or 74.16 percent

Tom Walsh (R) – 17,492 votes, or 25.84 percent


Santa Cruz County Board of Education - Trustee Area 3

Sandra Nichols – 8,144 votes, or 79.68 percent

James Spano – 1,974 votes, or 19.31 percent

Write-ins – 103 votes, or 1.01 percent


County Supervisor – District 5

Bruce McPherson – 8,798 votes, or 49.90 percent

Eric Hammer – 8,772 votes, or 49.76 percent

Write-ins – 60 votes, or 0.34 percent


Scotts Valley Fire Protection District (Top 3 vote-getters)

Jane Armstrong – 3,741 votes, or 28.20 percent

Arthur Smith – 3,234 votes, or 24.38 percent

Alan L. Smith – 3,215 votes, or 24.24 percent

Lisa Ann Bustichi – 3,054 votes, or 23.02 percent

Write-ins – 21 votes, or 0.16 percent


Lompico County Water District (Top 3 vote-getters)

Bill Smallman – 272 votes, or 22.24 percent

Richard Harrington – 258 votes, or 21.10 percent

Lois Henry – 254 votes, or 20.77 percent

Duane R. Davis – 157 votes, or 12.84 percent

Gail A. Jones -- 157 votes, or 12.84 percent

Cheryl Trapp – 122 votes, or 9.98 percent

Write-ins – 3 votes, or 0.25 percent


San Lorenzo Valley Water District (Top 2 vote-getters)

Margaret Bruce – 4,446 votes, or 39.66 percent

Randall C. Brown – 2,670 votes, or 23.82 percent

Stephen Swan – 2,572 votes, or 22.94 percent

Craig Austin – 1,483 votes, or 13.23 percent

Write-ins – 40 votes, or 0.36 percent


Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District (Top 3 vote-getters)

Tess E. Fitzgerald – 1,841 votes, or 26.85 percent

Brian Valdivia – 1,667 votes, or 24.31 percent

Kimberly Main – 1,654 votes, or 24.12 percent

Michael Watson – 902 votes, or 13.16 percent

Richard Chatoff – 770 votes, or 11.23 percent

Write-ins – 22 votes, or 0.32 percent


For updated results, visit the Santa Cruz County Elections Department's website at

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Luisa Farhad
November 08, 2012
Now that the 3 SLV Water District choices were elected in Lompico, does this mean there WILL be a merger or that the people of Lompico will get to VOTE on a merger?
Zip it
November 07, 2012
We heard all your corrosive garbage for the last year, time to put a sock in it and trust the voters of the 5th.
Mandy Mendaci
November 07, 2012
No joke. Glad to have a reprieve from the Hammer, as you say, "corrosive garbage".

Praying to the goddess of ballots absentia that McPherson wins.
Michael D
November 07, 2012
What goes around comes around Zip it....

I don't trust a liar!!!!
November 08, 2012
Corrosive garbage from the likes of the Boulder Creek coalition of NIMBY's.
Be nice
November 07, 2012
I am soooo happy the awful people who have been mucking up our blogs, sending vitriolic mailers and generally spewing unnecessary ill will amongst the residents of the 5th district were not rewarded with an easy win.

Go Eric!
Michael D
November 07, 2012
I don't want a proven liar to be my 5th District County Supervisor....

Go McPhearson....
michael dork
November 08, 2012
Proven liar? Try again, Pal. I am betting you never go above the speed limit too, eh? look in the mirror and see as much of a liar as Hammer was. Nobody is perfect. NOBODY.
November 07, 2012
Clearly NOT a mandate for McPherson over Hammer. Just shows how un-trusting of the former republican the people truly are....
Reader Rhonda
November 07, 2012
So sad.
Mary Hammer
November 07, 2012
In fact, what this shows, is the decline of power the local democratic party is currently enjoying. They have been so ugly, so filled with special interests, that mainstream Americans are feeling disenfranchised from the democratic party.

Decline to state is the fastest growing voter population. People are leaving the main parties in unprecedented numbers. There is hope, especially if Bruce prevails.
Karla M
November 07, 2012
Pray, pray, pray that Bruce wins.
not mary hammer
November 08, 2012
You're going to need prayers IF Mcpherson wins, that is for sure!
not Hammer's time
November 08, 2012
If Eric was caught in a lie about his education, what else is he comfortable telling lies about?

Eric lied to the whole fifth district!!

Will he say he is sorry, or just keep with his default setting of being someone who cant be trusted?

I guess when you are a hammer everything else looks like a nail to you.

Shame on you Eric!!
oh gawd....
November 09, 2012
You're kidding, right? You Hammer critics so easily jump on the doom and gloom of everything. If you actually got to know the guy, you'd know this was a simple mistake. Quit trying to make more of this than it is. Besides, there are MANY MORE skeletons in that McPherson closet, especially with his family's dealings in the county over the years.... The stories that could be told...

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