Poetry Corner: The Rains Return (to Santa Cruz County)
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The Rains Return (to Santa Cruz County)

By Joe Fenton


Quietly protected in the shroud of soothing gray.

Cool clouds come down

Warm smoke rises from solitary chimney pipes

Among the swaying sequoia they mingle

They dance to the low and rhythmic beat.


Drips that linger in a meditative metronome, 

Left from last night's crescendo, to keep time for renewing growth.

From the secluded cabin of the soul we search 

In clarity we connect.

The mystic system invites us to join in and understand


Quieted and soothed under the gray-green blanket of this costal womb

We are slowed enough to germinate

To make plans to participate


Little gifts have been hidden.

Tucked in every corner

By every being;

Spores and seeds of thoughts

To be opened in dew time.


Under the deep breath of the mountain 

We gently brace for the bursting open 

Of melodious regeneration

Harmony revealed

Unwrapped for all to see.


Shriveled sheaves of last years party 

Are washed away;

Repurposed in an array of carbon recalculation.


Sipping warmth under simple cover

In a kitchen

On a porch

Or simply soaked on the trail

We soak it in so we can send it out.


- Joe Fenton is a Ben Lomond resident.

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