Poetry Corner: I Remember Redwoods
by Tom Gervasi
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‘I Remember Redwoods’

By Tom Gervasi

Slowly unfolding stories

of slow growing time

my brother redwoods

red shaggy gentle giants

to whom we are

but a momentary presence

a split second

in a lifetime of centuries.

I try to slow down

to hear their words

but even stop is too fast

and my ears cannot

hear them speak

only the world

that surrounds them.

Sideways morning sun

lighting and shadowing

soft red stranded bark.

Slow breeze ruffling

broad leaved branches

of spreading young oaks.

Woodpecker jackhammer

digging for breakfast.

Loud Stellar Jays

brash and loud

as any New Yorker

spreading the news:

it’s morning so deal with it.

A Squirrel safecracker,

busting wide open

an acorn unsafe

as it proves to be,

quickly making a getaway

with the goods within.

I take all this in,

as I have many mornings.

I store it away,

a pirate with his chest

the X that always

marks the spot is buried

in a place that few know

and fewer still go.

I cherish my treasure,

for I can no longer

breathe that air.

hear those sounds,

see the waking world

from a soft forest floor.

I was too fast,

and I am gone.


I remember redwoods.

A former Boulder Creek resident, Tom Gervasi lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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