Letter: Thoughts on water district plans
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Thanks for your article about the grant proposal for Proposition 50 funding to construct seven interties between and within local water agencies (“Tied together: Water agencies look to grant to create integrated system,” Page 2, Sept. 21). This would be a terrific opportunity for the San Lorenzo Valley Water District to obtain matching funds to build water infrastructure which has been needed for some time. And, fortunately, SLVWD already has the money to pay its share. SLV residents owe a debt of gratitude to the Scotts Valley Water District for spearheading this proposal through several stages.

The SLVWD Board of Directors is set to adopt a strategic plan which has been in the works for over a year. It calls for spending an amount equal to about a year's revenue to construct a new headquarters. This is essentially a redevelopment project to build office space on a rundown property in the middle of Boulder Creek. It's less clear that this would be a wise use of millions and millions of dollars of water ratepayer funds.

Bruce Holloway, Boulder Creek

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Havah Nesmehah
September 27, 2012
How much are they spending?

Do they need a new headquarters?

Didn't they just remodel their old headquarters?

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