Letter: Splitting city makes no sense
by Art Bubb
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I have watched with great interest the growing discussion regarding the proposed split of Scotts Valley into two different supervisorial districts. In reading much media copy and discussing it at length in my community of Scotts Valley, I have come to the conclusion it makes no sense. This type of “split” goes against the very proposition of “changing lines of districts as little as possible,” which has been spoken about in various meetings. Splitting Scotts Valley into two separate entities only limits the strength and power of our community in deciding issues on a county-wide level. It certainly would make getting a Scotts Valley resident elected to the county board near impossible. Scotts Valley currently is completely within the 5th District and certainly has every right to stay that way. I urge a no vote on this issue.

Art Bubb, Scotts Valley Unified School District trustee

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Excellent Idea
September 05, 2011
Scotts Valley is only 5 minutes to Santa Cruz. It shares far more in common than with any other community. Look at Bustichi, he is involved with all kinds of Santa Cruz interests and boards. There is nothing better that can happen for Scotts Valley than to pick up it's direct community neighbor for support. There, is no "split" , just a logical realignment of this community to be in line with the people we are most involved with.

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