Letter: Rethink ticketing priorities
by Miles Zarathustra
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A few weeks back, Lucjan Szewczyk wrote a commentary complaining about the excessive amount of ticketing given out by the California Highway Patrol recently (“Extra fees launch tickets into stratosphere,” Page 12, Feb. 24). I agree. It looked to me — as I commute Highway 9 regularly — that a batch of green CHP-ers was in training. When finished, they cut their teeth by doing things like handing granny an expensive ticket for going 32 miles per hour on Highway 9, or for removing their seat belt while parking. Things that merited a warning, not a full-on ticket. Meanwhile, have they done a thing about all the motorcycles with illegal mufflers? It sure doesn’t sound that way. Hey CHP-ers, how about doing the community an actual service, by tagging those creeps from out of town who think it’s “cool” to punish us all with their annoying amplified flatulence?

Miles Zarathustra, Brookdale

Editor’s note: Szewczyk’s “Ridin’ with the Wheeldude” column of Feb. 24 explained the fees tacked onto auto citations, in order to debunk a chain email that had targeted the California Highway Patrol.

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go away
May 11, 2012
Let's not forget they work for us. We hire them to protect us from the bad guys not pull us over and take our money.

Yes it's a money making racket for the government and a bunch of BS.

"To protect and serve"

yes, to protect their jobs and serve us tickets.


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