Letter: Response to the water rate increase proposal
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After reading the “Proposed Water Rate Increases” pamphlet we got in the mail, I felt I must submit a written protest.

The reasons for the proposed rate increase are maintenance, improvements, and the guarantee of good, safe water. These are all things we are currently paying SLVWD to do now.

“Facilities consolidation” should consolidate and reduce costs, and should give us a reduction, not an increase, in rates.

If there is a specific project not covered by current charges, I can understand proposing an increase for 5 years — then dropping the increase and returning to the original rate.

If SLVWD wants to raise rates for day-to-day expenses, then I can understand raising rates in conjunction with the cost of living.

I do not believe the cost of living will increase a total of 55 percent in the next 5 years.

I also believe that the proposed increase will be a significant additional burden, especially for those on a fixed income.

David H. Guild, Ben Lomond

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Arya Bird
October 10, 2013
Letter to the Santa Cruz Sentinel editor from SLV Water District board member Randall Brown:

Current plan not the way to go in SLV

As a director of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District, I regret that we were put on the satirical hot seat by DeCinzo. I have to ask, however: "What do you mean 'Ve?' " I will vote against the proposed rate hike on Oct. 24. While there is reason to be concerned about the state of our infrastructure, the current five-year plan fails to respect the economic difficulties faced by our ratepayers.

The office campus plan is badly flawed. By temporarily shelving it, we could reduce the rate rise by 25 percent. We should also reconsider our $4.5 million commitment to the "emergency intertie" project.

I would be willing to support a reasonable rate hike dedicated to our infrastructure. Frankly, the odds are against 51 percent of our ratepayers filing properly formatted protests. The odds of convincing at least two other board members to support a better deal are, hopefully, somewhat better.

Randall Brown, Felton

Leslie Leonard
October 03, 2013
Exactly what I was thinking. Thanks David.

Can someone please explain why the SLVWD needs a 17,500 sq ft facility after having spent $750,000 remodeling their current facility?
Larry Fogelquist
September 26, 2013
Great letter David! You put into words exactly what I was thinking.

Oh and you mentioned 55% increase in rates over the next 5 years... The rate increases are compounded so it's actually 65%... AND... By the districts own calculations (presented on their site as the 2013 Water and Wastewater Charge Study), over that 5 years, SLV WD will have raised an additional $9.12 million dollars to use in building their new campus.

Another little tidbit, is that the Intertie Project that they cite as one of the reasons for this rate increase, is already funded. I was at the meeting where it was passed over one board member's nay vote. So this is an obvious attempt to mislead the public.

My protest is already in the mail.

Thanks for your great letter.

Larry Fogelquist, Scotts Valley

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