Letter: Recycling center, club help valley
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What a great article today about the SLV Redemption and Recycling centers (“Center recycling total tips scales at 4.5M pounds,” April 5, Page 20). We are quite proud of them and the staff that run them. You forgot to mention that the centers are a program of the Valley Women’s Club, which has developed, nurtured and operated the centers since the origin of the first center in 1978 in Boulder Creek. We have come a long way, baby! And since the VWC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, this business benefits the community in many ways, as the VWC is dedicated to community action, awareness and leadership in environmental, educational, social and political concerns which affect the health and welfare of the SLV.

Lynn McKibbin, president of Valley Women’s Club

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which valley...
June 05, 2013
...do you live in?

The VWC, like many other grass roots volunteer organizations in the Valley provide many of the services that government does not, improving the quality of life for the residents of the San Lorenzo Valley.

As if there is a huge pool of competitors to sort the recyclables from the garbage in our remote little towns, keeping the stuff out of the streams and byways.

Get off your couch, potato, roll up your sleeves and add valueto your community. Photo ops don't count.
Ezra Smith
June 06, 2013
Volunteer? $92,000 yearly salary is volunteer?

But yeah. Recycling is good.
June 01, 2013
why is it the Valley Women's club has never had to compete to be the operator of this county funded giveaway The Valley Women's Club is nothing more then a political action committee funded by tax dollars what a scam

thank God it was never Hammer time

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