Letter: Rally behind Hitchcock center
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I was impressed with Tom Gaspar’s ideas  regarding building a Hitchcock Center and all the wonderful venues that could be made available to the general public (“New take on town center,” Letters, Page 6, Feb. 8).

That is one of the best ideas for bringing people to Scotts Valley that I can think of. Other than Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, which borders Scotts Valley, what is the town famous for? Just think about it. No more Santa’s Village, no more Tree Circus. 

Tom, I hope you have friends that are connected to this town center that are paying attention to what your suggestions are for bringing people to Scotts Valley. Do what you can to get a campaign going for just that project, and I will be the first one to sign up to help you raise money. Contact the Hitchcock museum in SoCal and see what they think

I’m sure most people know that wine is still being made and grapes grown on the Hitchcock property. Especially all you wine drinkers out there — and there are plenty of us.

We sure don't need a mega Safeway across the street from the existing one. Where are the powers that be planning to put it? Next to Nob Hill. Just clean up the old one and do some remodeling instead of creating another empty building. We have enough of them as it is now.

Hitchcock would seem to be an even bigger draw to bring in visitors to the area — along with our many wineries.

Put a Hitchcock Center as the centerpiece of the Town Center, not a grocery store. In this building could be some or all of the “go-to places” in the new center. I can picture it now, and I hope some of the planners give it some serious thoughts. It’s the best idea I have ever heard for bringing money to this town. We need to get all the smart people who helped keep Target away to band together to support the idea.

Mr. Gaspar, please bring this idea to the attention of the people in charge and hope they have open minds to suggestions.

Geri Gibson, Scotts Valley

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February 22, 2013
This is an awesome idea!

oh yes please
February 22, 2013
I think it is a great idea ok just write a check and build it then its great to have ideas but with out money they are nothing but dreams that will never happen i need a town center not another non profit tax milking liberal santa cruz pipe dream

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