Letter: New ideas, volunteers are welcome
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In response to the letter "Poor choice for fundraiser" (March 8, Page 6), the event is "wine tasting and chocolate," as well as a silent auction. It is not a wine-swilling and chocolate-eating contest. This event is put on by many selfless, involved parents and individuals donating their, time, money and effort. A lot of work goes into this fundraiser that provides music, food, chocolate, vintners as well as items for the wonderful silent auction. I know that people attending this function help support the school and Sober Grad Night.

Children must understand that everything in this world should be done with careful consideration and thought and in moderation, and as parents, we must lead by example. Therefore, as an attending parent, I can show my child that the event was fun and that one can wine-taste without overindulging.

My hope is that instead of bashing an event that has been a successful and integral part of helping raise money for grad night, you would join us and donate your ideas, time and/or money to help support the school and your community. I personally donated over 150 hours on the grad night construction project last year. I know many of the other persons involved probably donated even more time. Last year’s grad night was a huge success. My son and his friends couldn’t say enough about how great it was.

So, I ask you to get off the couch and take the energy it took to write your letter and get involved. It's like voting; you only have a say when you’re pro-active, not re-active. The school is always looking for new ideas and volunteers.

Frank Calabray, Boulder Creek

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March 28, 2013
Dear sir,

I believe you are missing the point..No one is bashing anything!

The point you are missing is that it is a MIXED MESSAGE to have a fundraiser which includes alcohol to support an event which supports the opposite..

Parents need to think these kind of things through and send a solid message..

Parents set the tone and in the world today alcohol is too much a part of many a family!!

As a professiinal who deals with these kind of crazy messages sent to kids everyday...i assume you are not one!

I feel the woman who wrote the original (Michele) was not only brave but healthy..

Good for you MICHELE!
A Christian
March 28, 2013
I second that!

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