Letter: McPherson is not good for District 5
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I feel that Bruce McPherson is not good for District 5. I worry that his values are not aligned with ours, but my biggest fear is that he is beholden to his large money donors from outside the District and the County.

After the consistent leadership of Supervisor Mark Stone, we face the choice between Eric Hammer, a son of San Lorenzo Valley, and Bruce McPherson, who has lived in District 5 for mere months.

Eric Hammer has used his time to care for his family, build a successful small business, and to serve us all for years -- on the Board of Mountain Community Resources, expanding its role in Scotts Valley significantly, and in support of small businesses, local parks, schools, fundraising for nonprofits, and more. 

I am grateful there is someone I can vote for, not just against. Eric Hammer certainly has my vote.


Mark Mullins, Boulder Creek

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Michael D.
November 02, 2012
I guess if you trust a liar he is your man!!!!
November 02, 2012
Liar? A little mis-step yes, liar, well that's a bit much- but par for the course and the kind of campaign that apparently the Mcpherson/Keeley camp has stooped to. I thought they were above it all. Just goes to prove he'll go to any length to win this campaign.

Sad, really.
Sergio Treadle
November 01, 2012
There is so much about this letter that doesn't pass the smell test.

First of all, it does not sound AT ALL like Mark Mullins. No joke.

Second of all, beholden to large money donors would be Eric Hammer and his Sacramento and Los Angeles union donors - thousands of dollars of special interest money.

Second of all again - beholden to large money donors means Valley Women's Club. They add up to his 2nd largest donors. They need their county money, man!

Third of all. Mark Stone's leadership was consistent? See now you can see that the letter is bogus.

Fourth of all. Eric Hammer, a son of the Valley? Aren't there LOTS of sons of the valley? Most of them should NOT be supervisor. Seriously.

Fifth of all. McPherson and his family have been connected to the San Lorenzo Valley for a lot longer time than Eric has even been yelling at women.

Sixth of all. Successful small business? Not! Dude, his contractor license thing with the state of California says he has ZERO employees! WTF?!

Seventh of all. Just what does Mountain Community Resources do for its $400,000 a year? They spend all their time turning people away and getting irritated at the homeless.

Eighth of all. Mark Mullins would never say "expanding its role" or "and more". He just doesn't talk like that.

For sure, I believe that someone else wrote this letter and it's pretty darn bogus.
oh no...
November 02, 2012
oh that's right... I forgot that ONLY Valley Churches is beyond reproach and the ONLY proper volunteer organization in the San Lorenzo Valley...NOT!

The ONLY thing that doesn't pass the smell test is this constant barrage of negativity towards Valley Women's.

You folks need to get over it already! Geeze.
Leslie Kendle
November 02, 2012
Why DOES them majority of people in the SLV think so poorly of the Valley Women's Club?

Maybe their politicking?
what the???
November 02, 2012
Don't you mean Mountain Community Resources?

All of these organizations do wonderful things for our community. its just sad that people have to think its most important to take sides.

Sounds like Leslie got kicked out of VWC or something...Just bitter. I guess its just not allowed to have a political opinion unless you are a McPherson supporter?

mark mullins
November 09, 2012
Hope you don't speak in that manner!

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