Letter: Mayor’s correct stance on plastic bags
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I write this response to the Feb. 21 editorials from residents of communities outside of our town that criticized Mayor Reed’s stance on plastic bags. These folks need to clean up their own backyards before they dictate to us on how we choose to transport our groceries.

First, I will not question the claim by Mayor Reed and the City Council in their unwillingness to be drawn into a lawsuit by banning single-use bags since we are constantly being asked to raise our taxes due to budget shortfalls nearly every election cycle.

I am a surfer and I surf somewhere between Waddell Creek down to Capitola at least once a week for the past couple of decades and can hardly recall seeing any plastic bags in the ocean, no less any sea turtles. I still haven’t figured out how someone from Salinas or any inland towns becomes concerned that Scotts Valley’s plastic bags are making their way to the tropics to choke sea turtles? Our Carbonera Creek flows clean into Santa Cruz? Regardless, in the rare event I see trash of any kind in the ocean or on the beach, I pick it up and dispose of it. Everyone should do the same.

Secondly, I debate the “single-use bag” category. I re-use my plastic bags as trash liners and quick carry bags for other uses. I choose not to buy another plastic bag to line my small trash cans or use the additional water to wash those contaminated cloth bags after a leaking raw chicken package is transported.

Thirdly, I vote for freedom of choice. I choose to use plastic bags and am a responsible citizen that re-uses and recycles the bag. Look at the grocery stores that still allow choice, there is a high percentage that still chooses the plastic bags. I understand the folks that keep trying to impose their agendas on others “all in the name of the environment,” but some folks do not have the extra money to buy the 10-cent paper bags, wash their contaminated bags or pay for the additional plastic trash bags. I ask the outsiders that are poking their judgmental noses to keep out of our business and clean up your own backyards before criticizing ours.

Mark Frisse, Scotts Valley


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March 06, 2014
Firstly, the area you surf is a lot of peoples "front yard" which makes Scotts Valley the Pacific Ocean's backyard. So keep your back our front cleaner by eliminating plastic take-out bags altogether.

Secondly, any litigation will be short lived by virtue of the legal precedents established in the City of Manhattan (population), County of Marin (# of stores impacted), and now San Francisco (plastic bags outlawed by restaurants). The Scotts Valley City Attorney can simply wipe her ass with a lawsuit and hand it back to the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition at minimal cost to the city.

Thirdly, I know a world class surfer who has plenty stories of stuffing his wet suit with floating plastic bags. Not anymore. There's a reason for that.

Fourthly, studies have found that harmful bacteria in reusable bags are minuscule. Oh, there's bacteria; it's not harmful.

Fifthly, can you guarantee when an “outsider” buys his plastic bag in Scotts Valley (and he does buy it) that he will properly dispose of it … or reuse many times like the environmentally astute person you are? We all know the answer.

Sixthly, surf South Australia. You will not find any plastic bags either. There’s a reason for that. Look it up.

March 05, 2014
This bag ban is obviously not for you, so just try to understand that a lot of people are dooshbags and need things taken away from them because they are not responsible. The only alternative to the plastic bag ban is a doosh bag ban, and we know that's impossible.

The good news is next time you're at the beach and you reach down to pick up a plastic bag.... oh wait, there won't be any plastic bags because of the ban. (Assuming Scott's Valley gets its act together).

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