Letter: Lompico Water Board needs to be assertive in finding lower-cost solutions
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I became a critic of the Lompico Water Board's spending, in particular a remodel of the Lewis Treatment Plant. I felt we could repair the old system at a far lower cost and it would work OK. The extra money could be used elsewhere in some other badly needed areas.

During some of these heated discussions, some interpreted what I said was that the Board was either "fiscally irresponsible" or it was somehow related to the merger. This is far from the truth. Without going into detail, the Board was forced to select the more expensive option by following the direction of important public agencies.

So, I would like to publicly apologize to anyone who believes I meant the former. I simply want the Board to be more assertive towards these agencies to find the lowest cost option for the public. My mindset is to spend the public's money like it was mine, but without taking any shortcuts or risk. 


Bill Smallman, Lompico

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Theryl McCoy
September 23, 2013
It's hard to wring water out of a dry towel.

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