Letter: Logging trucks a concern in Felton
by Dian Friend
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I am a resident on East Zayante Road in Felton, and I have noticed an increased number of logging trucks on our road in the past couple of weeks. I have seen as many as five to seven loads of logs per day on our winding mountain road. I generally keep a “live and let live” philosophy and realize logging is part of our community here (but I would rather leave the trees standing), until one of the logging trucks ran me off the road last week.

While traveling around 11:30 a.m. with my young son in the car, I was stunned to find myself on a blind corner with the massive truck in my lane coming head on. I had to leave the paved surface and run into the side embankment to avoid collision. I was terrified. The truck driver did not even slow down. I made a report to California Highway Patrol. They will do their best to patrol. In the meantime, I, my son and my husband (who is a bicycle commuter) live in fear to share the road. This should not be.

The other question I have is: How are these trucks permitted on our crumbling road, where potholes, sinkholes and collapses are worsened by the weight of these vehicles? Furthermore, there is no physical way they can stay on their side of the double yellow lines with their dimensions. Are they somehow exempt from the same traffic laws the general public abides by?

This is a reminder to our neighbors to practice good defensive driving skills and report any dangerous road conditions to the California Highway Patrol.

Dian Friend, Felton

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June 26, 2012
I agree with Dian. It's bad enough when you have a car coming head on, you both move as far over as one can but with a logging truck coming right at you and not making an effort to move, or not able to move , this is an accident waiting to happen. I am also trying to find out what times they are allowed to start logging? I am hearing them at 6:00am in the morning, chain saw buzzing and trees falling. It's very disconcerting.

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