Letter: Letter writer deserves respect
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Regarding the comment by Eric Braun last week regarding chemtrails (“Give me a break,” Letters, Page 6, Feb. 8): Possibly a tinfoil hat on the head would be helpful in opening his eyes to what is happening in our skies.

A wonderful movie is online called "What in the World Are They Spraying?" which would enlighten those who are interested in learning about chemtrails and what they are. The United Nations has issued a worldwide alert calling for an end to the spraying of toxic metals in the form of chemtrails. It is also easy for any of us to look into the sky on almost any day and see the chemtrails. Contrails disappear in a matter of minutes. Chemtrails stay in the sky long after the plane is out of sight and take hours to dissipate. They are known to have substantial amounts of aluminum and more recently scopolamine (a truly dangerous drug that causes people to forget) has been added to the mix.

For many years, ridicule has been used as a tool to keep us away from the truth. Let's all be respectful of those who are willing to step outside the box, research, educate and declare what is true for them. May all of us be so brave.

Lyndia Storey, Felton

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March 06, 2013
Paranoia will destroy ya....

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