Letter: Contrails or something more sinister?
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Have you looked up recently and seen white trails crisscross the sky and dismissed it as a harmless trail from a jet? Look again. We used to enjoy many clear blue skies, but nowadays we frequently have overcast skies as a result of spraying.

As most of you, I went to work every day and didn’t really take notice of what was going on up in the sky overhead. But when I did take notice, what I saw were contrails from jets that disappeared quickly, and then there were the trails that were more persistent and as they slowly dispersed began to look like clouds, except they weren’t. They were chemtrails.

Chemtrails are real. The chemicals being sprayed are mostly aluminum, barium and strontium. This toxic material doesn’t stay up in the sky. It filters down on us, killing trees, poisoning our watersheds and impacting our health. Aluminum is a heavy metal and associated with many health problems, including Alzheimer’s disease. Our world is being poisoned. Our government wants us to believe that the chemtrails we see in the sky are contrails. They are not. Don’t believe it; judge for yourself. You will see commercial airliners producing little or no contrail. You will also see large gray aircraft spraying chemicals.

Contrails do not look like chemtrails. Contrails disappear quickly. Chemtrails are much more noticeable, persistent and disperse in the atmosphere as though they might be clouds. They aren’t. You may also see where aircraft began spraying and then stopped.

There are many YouTube videos available on chemtrails, including the documentary “What in the World Are They Spraying,” which clearly shows the difference between contrails and chemtrails.

Many of us go about our daily lives oblivious to what is going on. We need to do something about being sprayed with toxic chemicals. The chemtrails also block the sun, which we need to be healthy. Blocking the sun also affects agriculture: our farms, our gardens, our ability to produce food. It is time for us to take action before it is too late.

Shannon Weckman, Felton

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November 06, 2013
Chemtrail believers are characterized by a poor grasp of science and the ability to cherry pick some things and blindly ignore other things as it suits.

SRM has been proposed by people such as David Keith in Canada and if you don't cherry pick his proposals you will find that

a. He wants a lot more research on the topic before it is implemented, if at all,

B. To be effective, it needs to take place in the tropics, no more the 30 degrees from the equator.

B rules out all present day large aircraft because the tropopause, the altitude that the stratosphere begins, is well above the maximum ceiling that the aircraft can fly at.

This fact is either not known or studiously ignored by the believers. There is no science to their beliefs other than what a psychologist may find interesting, and it is worthwhile to note the numbers of their leaders who have a financial interest in promoting the hoax and no intent of persuing absolute proof for what they claim, such as a contrail sample.

I am an airline pilot of 35 years flying experience, and the other great ignorance of these people is a total lack of aviation background or knowledge, which is a pity because if they had some, they would be able to better direct their passion.
March 06, 2013
You have GOT to be kidding. SERIOUSLY????
Rick 69
November 06, 2013
Yes, SERIOUSLY!!! I really do not get how more people do not look up and realise that these trails are more than just water vapour. There is plenty of evidence if you care to look into it.

Also known as Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering by the way.


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