Letter: Chemtrails? Give me a break
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To those who are concerned about “chemtrails” (“Contrails or something sinister?”  Letters, Feb. 1, Page 6), have no fear. I am willing to sell you tinfoil hats.

Eric Braun, Scotts Valley

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March 06, 2013
Eric- the tin foil hats are for those with smart meters. You need a gas mask for the contrails.
Cee Cee
February 25, 2013
I have one thing to say to Eric.........

Nick C-
February 09, 2013
poor Eric... he's still living in the Matrix.... if he watches the "news", probably gets it from his local cable station or possibly FOX or CNN.

I'd suggest some documentaries to watch, but you fall into the category of a brain washed sheep. Go back to sports ...
foil hats
February 08, 2013
have no fear the sant cruz city council give them away free with a medical pot card

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