Letter: Apathy over water rate increase will come at the detriment of all customers
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Well, here they go again.

Two years ago San Lorenzo Valley Water District raised our rates 15 percent (actually three raises in the last four years).

Now they want to raise them again over the next four years another whopping 53 percent compounded which calculates out to nearly 70 percent.

However, being a monopoly, it is understood that customers can cancel this increase by merely submitting a letter of objection to the water company by October 24.

Now is the time to act and quit being so apathetic. Do nothing and we’ll all be paying through the nose for water, which is already expensive.

They are telling us it’s needed to build a new campus for over $6 million as well as connect SLV to the other four water systems in the area. Why is that needed?

San Lorenzo Valley customers will, in all probability, be the last community to need additional water.

After we’re all connected, you can bet that SLV Water District will be sending our water out of the community.

They have also told us that they need to maintain and upgrade the system.

What on earth have they been doing with the millions they’ve been collecting over recent years?

I have a suggestion. Those who oppose the rate increase send in their objections. After verifying the submissions, the water district can then raise the rates on everyone that didn’t object and leave those of us that feel we are paying enough alone.

Either that or allow us to drill our own individual water wells, which they won’t even consider.

Elwin Haddix, Ben Lomond
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Theryl McCoy
October 10, 2013
If the intertie project is completed and we do actually export our water, can we sell it to Soquel Creek and lower our rates?

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