Editorial: Free Colter White
by Press-Banner editorial board
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Boulder Creek resident and Cabrillo College student Colter White was sent to San Quentin State Prison after a man in his Narcotics Anonymous group claimed Colter assaulted him in the Live Oak area last week.

While the incident may have happened as the accuser said — Colter cut him off or lunged at him while the man was riding his bike — the man did not fall off the bike and was not physically injured.

Needless to say, the sheriff’s office was called, and Colter, who was two months short of completing parole, was sent to San Quentin, where he will remain until the California Parole Board determines his fate on Monday, Oct. 5. If it decides he violated his parole, Colter could remain in prison while awaiting additional hearings.

Colter has a criminal history of drugs and fighting. However, based on accounts from his family, classmates and professors, Colter’s record has been spotless the past two years.

Even after a difficult past, we believe that Colter is truly on the path to recovery and that his actions up to this incident prove it. When a school, including students, professors and the president, get behind a student the way Cabrillo College has, it’s impossible not to realize this guy was doing life the right way.

As the parole board members examine this case, we urge them to take into consideration Colter’s work as an honors society president and student at the college.

California’s prison system is overcrowded, and taxpayer money is being spent each day incarcerating violent criminals. It would be shameful if the legal system turned a blind eye to the circumstances surrounding Colter’s situation and ruled that extending his jail time is the answer in his situation.
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October 31, 2011
Wow...I live in the pacific northwest and reading some of your mad dog comments about colt really upset me how dare you say such things about my friend that has dug him self out of the depths of hell and became an honor student how do you sleep at night..have a happy halloween Colt, and a happy thanksgiving and the most wonderful christmas...Gramps XOXO

PS Maybe someone should be busting a meth lab rather than a honor student..
October 19, 2009
Colters story is a true inspriration!Only two months till hes off parole,come on Cali get real,this guy is really trying,thats obvious.We have way too many guys in prison,alot of whom don't belong there.Saw Colter in the state prison system years ago,and saw the guy was different even back then,that he turned his life around like this,well its amazing.Good luck to Colter,don't give up the fight,no matter what!
Idaho Bike Rider
October 10, 2009
If the incident DID occur as described, then Colter threatened the victim with serious injury or death. This is equal in circumstance to a threat of gun violence, but only because of your liberal gun phobia does this crime have a lesser impact on the community. Our sensibilities have been mutated by the idea that gun violence is abhorrent and all other violence is permitted. Just look at the behavior of our police forces across the nation. "Less than lethal" devices and advanced weapons technologies are deployed on a daily basis across our nation and the dinosaur press has no courage to report on this constant violence.

Menacing an occupant of a smaller vehicle or a pedestrian is as serious as any threat delivered with any other potentially fatal tool.

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