Editor's notebook: Happily ever after
by Peter Burke
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If you were wondering, Heather and I are married. We had a wonderful ceremony May 15, 2011, at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center, and thanks to some of your trees, we had enough homemade lemonade (32 gallons!).

Quickly, I have a story to tell: Heather and I took communion during the ceremony. Well, we tried to take communion. When we kneeled at the communion table, the elements (bread and grape juice) seemed to have disappeared. They were simply not there.

Instead of panicking, Heather’s uncle, the minister, told us what we “would” be doing if the elements had been there.

Heather and I scrunched up close to one another and pretended to take the elements. We know the drill, as we’ve both been churchgoers our entire lives.

However, when Uncle Loren said, “Now you would take the cup,” Heather replied nonchalantly, “We already dipped.”

There is a scene in the movie “Hook” where the food magically appears on the spoons, plates and cups. That didn’t happen here.

Honestly, it was no big deal that Heather’s mom, among a zillion other responsibilities, had forgotten to put the elements on the altar. It helped me save my appetite for the lasagna at the reception.

I think this is a good example of what happens at weddings. Something “goes wrong.” Thankfully, my bride and I were able to roll with the punch and keep on going. The hiccup did not ruin our evening. Guys, please remind your bride before the wedding that once all the planning is done, there’s nothing more that can be done and to enjoy the day. We sure did.

Since both of us are locals, I have to throw out a few bones to the locals who helped with our wedding.

In two short lessons two weeks before the wedding, Magdalena at the Skylight Ballroom in Scotts Valley put together a simple, yet wonderful routine for our first dance.

Gretchen, a wedding planner who doubles as a school employee at Baymonte, and Patrice, Mount Hermon’s resident large-event guru, fine-tuned the details. Mama Mia’s made dinner for the crowd; Starz Cupcakes baked a load of delectable desserts; Ellen, a retired Brook Knoll teacher, shaped the flowers; moms from Heather’s class made wonderful appetizers; and along with the communion comedy, Judy and Wes took care of everything in between. And Barbara made lemonade.

Planning a wedding was a lot of work for a lot of people for about five months. It’s over. Now, on to the rest of our “happily ever after.”

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Fiona Felton
June 09, 2011
Congratulations Peter and Heather! It's been a pleasure reading about your adventures, Peter. Thank you.

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