Boulder Creek praised in Sunset Magazine
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“It looks very rural, but it’s an extremely sophisticated place.” - Sheila DeLany
Boulder Creek was recently featured in Sunset Magazine’s February issue as one of 20 “ultimate fantasy towns” across the world that would be ideal for city-dwellers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a “slower-paced, stress-free” lifestyle.

Sunset describes the town thus: “Just over the hill from shmancy Woodside, absurdly rural Boulder Creek (and neighbor La Honda) has the open space to keep cyclists, hikers, and horses happy.”

Some Boulder Creek residents, such as members of the Boulder Creek Family Network Yahoo group, have already been brainstorming ways to incorporate the write-up into bumper stickers. Several poked fun at “absurdly rural” as the choice of adjectives to describe the town, with suggestions such as "Keep Boulder Creek Absurdly Rural” and “Boulder Creek: Where Redwoods Fall.”

Joining Boulder Creek on Sunset’s list of 20 dream towns were such California towns as Geyserville, Ojai and Summerland.

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February 11, 2012
Boulder Creek is gorgeous! Yes we do have our fair share of pot heads and mountain folk people, but that is what makes this town great. We do not have a high rate of crime compared to "the pit" san Jose area if I may... We are rarely on the news for shootings, murders or drive-by's. Our surroundings are amazingly beautiful and once we hit over the hill it is like we are in another world. This truly is a wonderful place to live close to nature close enough to the city but still feels a world NO SMOG! Top 20 on my list..that is why I'm proud to call it HOME!
February 11, 2012
How did you get comments from the Boulder Creek Family Network? This is a private network of residents and valley families, and our discussions are not for public view. We have nothing to hide, but we do maintain that the privacy of our families and our children are extremely important.

Cyndi Smith

Moderator, Boulder Creek Family Network

Bonita Perez
February 12, 2012
The article did not mention any names or identify any children.

Is the BCFN a private club? Are there rules to join? Do you have to be a certain political persuasion? A certain race or religious belief?

Or is it open to valley families?

BC Fan
February 07, 2012
Boulder Creek is a great place to visit. Too bad there are virtually no hotels or other visitor accommodations in the upper mountain areas. With Santa Cruz County further restricting vacation home rentals in the area - visitors will have no choice but to spend their $$$ in other places.
Betty Boulder
February 06, 2012
Oh please. The town is adorable. The people are lovely. Ratio of meth-heads is comparable to Santa Cruz and yes, even Scotts Valley. Gang ratio is lower than in other areas although BC certainly has some of that element. Unfortunately.

And obviously you are not from Scotts Valley. That's just a mindless attempt to stir up false conflict between the 2 locales.

Scotts Valley
February 05, 2012
Yeah Boulder Creek is great if you can get past the dirty seedy looks of the town has, ignore the public drunkenness, ignore the smell of pot at any given time and least we not mention the amount of meth in them thar hills.

What idiot from the magazine visited Boulder Creek anyway? A deaf mute perhaps?

Boulder Creek also has a high rate of crime per capita, so I have to ask again who in the world would list this town at one of the top 20?
February 06, 2013
Hopefully you and other people that feel the same way you do will stay out of B.C.

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