It's Your Money: It's never too early to start a college fund
Scotts Valley voted last month to spend $35 million on its public schools with a goal of maintaining the district’s excellent record of sending 97 percent of its students to college. Preparing stud...
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Nature Friendly: UCSC professor teaches science with reptiles and amphibians
We will be celebrating the recent ascension of the red-legged frog to California’s official state amphibian on our next Watershed Walk with Dr. Gage Dayton of UC Santa Cruz, an expert on reptiles a...
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Your Health: Pertussis epidemic present danger to infants, unimmunized
According to a recent public health alert, California is experiencing an epidemic of pertussis, with over 5,000 cases reported this year. Santa Cruz County has had at least 60 known cases (twice th...
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Let's Go Fishin': Salmon start to show in Monterey Bay
Over the past couple of weeks, schools of salmon have been roving the Monterey Bay. The fish are mixed in size and do not stay in one spot more than a few days. The addition of salmon back into our...
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The Mountain Gardener: Replacing ground cover with drought-tolerant plants
Now that everyone has received a summer water bill or two, it’s hitting home about the need to conserve. I recently received this email which might describe your situation also. “I let my grass die...
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Guest column: Meehan Siding, a forgotten piece of Zayante's history
Few would consider the village of Zayante as a bustling railroad town and, indeed, it never truly bustled. But it did draw tourists in droves. The community, historically located along East Zayante...
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The Mountain Gardener: Different plants for different gardens and personalities
by Jan Nelson
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Gardens have different personalities. Some gardens mimic nature with plants that attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife and look a bit wild. Some are neat and tidy, with perennials lined up...
Plain Talk About Food: The preciousness of friendship and a summer peach cake
by Colly Gruczelak
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Do you remember the movie by Thornton Wilder “Our Town” and narrated by Hal Holbrook in the 1950s? This movie depicted the preciousness of time and friendship between two families living side-by-si...
Your Health: Cancer in remission, time to look ahead
by Terry Hollenbeck, M.D.
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I am in remission of my multiple myeloma cancer. The three months of chemotherapy last fall and winter did a great job in knocking out most of those cancerous plasma cells which were taking over my...
Nature Friendly: How to shoot a redwood
by Carol Carson
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When Jodie Frediani’s father gave her a Brownie camera at age 12, neither one could have imagined that the gift would lead to a life-long romance with photography. From there, she received a degree...
The Mountain Gardener: The perfect tools make for easier planting
by Jan Nelson
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Sometimes it's the little things that count — a cool breeze on a hot day, the song of a bird up in the trees, an orange sky at sunset. As gardeners, we appreciate each cluster of tiny, new tomatoes...
Let's Go Fishin': Bad behavior leads to more fishing restrictions in Santa Cruz Harbor
by Mike Baxter
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The return of the Chinook salmon may sound like the theme of a festival, parade or other means of a celebration — not in the Santa Cruz Harbor. Last year, though there were many people, fish caught...