Nature Friendly: Fred McPherson: ‘The river is my teacher’
When I think of autumn, I think of how the gold leaves of the sycamores and the big leaf maples illumine the forest and the river. And when I think of the river, I think of what Fred McPherson, loc...
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Your Health: Health care preparedness makes Ebola epidemic unlikely in U.S.
There has been one confirmed case of Ebola virus infection in the United States where a man traveled from Liberia in Africa, to Dallas, Tex. to visit relatives. His symptoms developed only after be...
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The Mountain Gardener: Ornamental grasses take center stage in the fall
Throughout the year, I am asked for design help and plant suggestions, but it’s at this time of year that I especially hear the request; “I’d love to add more grasses to my garden.” There’s no doub...
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Let’s Go Fishin’: Salmon surviving in warm ocean and river waters
With many opposing obstacles — including warm ocean water, lack of rain, and low river flows — the return of chinook salmon looks promising. Ocean temperatures have had some record-breaking numbers...
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It’s the Law: When the rubber ruins the road
I suspect that the majority of houses in Santa Cruz County front a public road. For those homeowners, their headache consists of begging Public Works to fix the potholes that appear. Then there are...
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Plain Talk About Food: The truth about lard…leaf lard and tamales
Lard can be a touchy subject for many cooks who have or have not cooked with lard over the past 50 years, especially if you have not brought yourself up to speed with the new way pigs today are bei...
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Santa Cruz Trains: Inspiration Point, or the legend of Coon Gulch
by Derek Whaley
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Inspiration Point — the beautiful overlook between Felton and Santa Cruz along Highway 9. Coon Gulch — a name that does not provoke the ire of anyone except, perhaps, Roaring Camp Railroads. These ...
It’s Your Money: Investing well means knowing when to take a swing
by Mark Rosenberg
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In baseball, a batter can wait for his pitch before taking a swing. But if he waits too long and lets three strikes go by without swinging, he’ll be called out on strikes. Investing is like playing...
Your Health: Dispelling myths about flu shots
by Terry Hollenbeck, M.D.
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It's time for me to make my annual plea for everyone to get their flu shot. In today's column, I'd like to answer common questions I hear about influenza and the flu shot. - Can't I get the flu fro...
Nature Friendly: UCSC professor, museum curator to lead nature walk
by Carol Carson
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“Natural history isn’t just science, it predates science,” says Chris Lay. “It’s the observation and interpretation of the natural world from a personal perspective. It could be a scientist or an a...
The Mountain Gardener: The Mountain Gardener’s favorite plant combinations
by Jan Nelson
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I love my smart phone. I can’t imagine a day without it. A friend of mine told me that I would discover uses that I could only have imagined when I first got it. One of the simple things I use it f...
The Mountain Gardener: Treats and tips for the September garden
by Jan Nelson
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You can feel the weather changing as summer winds down. It’s more than just the passing of the Labor Day holiday and the school year starting. The nights are longer and cooler. The days are not qui...