UCONN vs Kentucky Live Streaming Free

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The NCAA Tournament is reaching it's finale but before the final game there are two semi final games taking place today. At 8:45 P.M. eastern time. The University of Kentucky will be facing the University of Connecticut Huskies in one of two semi final match ups taking place on Saturday. The Huskies are ranked 3rd overall and Kentucky is ranked 4th. UCONN and star Kemba Walker look to advance to the NCAA finals however they will have to defeat Brandon Knight and the red hot wildcats to do so. This is a big task for any team especially with the caliber of coaching on UCONN's side. With Kentucky heating up, an upset could be in order, and if Brandon Knight keeps playing the way he has, the Wildcats could be on there way to an NCAA Basketball Championship.

This is a big game for anyone who likes College Basketball, and if you aren't able to watch it live in Houston, and you aren't near a TV that catches the game, then you could watch UCONN vs Kentucky Live Streaming Free. This game will be important for both schools, and the winner of this game could very well take th entire tournament.

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